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Specials Team

Ms. Maher, Art (1.0 FTE)

Mr. Barker, General Music (1.0 FTE)

Ms. Costa, Physical Education (1.0 FTE)

Ms. Cramer, Media Specialist

Ms. Taylor, Instrumental Music 


Students at Woodlin enjoy weekly "specials" classes in art, music, library media and physical education, and periodic pro-active counseling sessions. Art, P.E. and Music are described below. Please also visit the Music (General, Chorus and Instrumental) webpage, the Library Media Center webpage, and the Counselor’s webpage.     



There is a yearly exhibition that highlights outstanding artwork created by children in K-5. The participating students demonstrated a high level of critical thinking, a sensitivity to design elements, and an ability to persevere that enabled them to create these works.

Art Liquid Watercolor Demo 2017


All children have the  opportunity to sing, move to the music and interact with instruments as part of their music education. Along the way, children are being exposed to a variety of musical styles including patriotic, Native American, African American, European, Appalachian, and Latin.

Ukelele Composer Spring 2018

Instrumental Music

Children enrolled in fourth and fifth grade are envited to join instrumental music.  There are three levels of instrumental instruction:  Beginner, Interemediate and Advanced. A full band end of the year performance is a highlight for the entire shool body and parents.

Musical duo during spirit week

Physical Education

Grab your water, wear your comfortable clothes and PE shoes!  It is time to move!   

In PE classes children will learn movement concepts and skills, participate in health-enhancing physical fitness activities, and learn personal and social responsibility.  Every year, students participate in Field Day for a full day of fun physical movement activities that encourages teamwork, comradery, and good sportsmanship.

Olympics May 29 2018


Along with checking out great books, students attending media classes will learn to be effective and ethical users of media center materials.  The Common Sense Curriculum is used to teach students digital citizenship, which includes:  respecting intellecutal property, citing sources used and online safety practices. 

Boys Read I Funny