Student Drop-off/Pick-up

For safety reasons, the WJ administration works with the Montgomery County Police to enforce the traffic signs and laws during student drop-off and pick-up. We appreciate your cooperation in obeying the following instructions to make sure all of our students are safe!


The main student drop off in the front of the school (off of Rock Spring Drive) is a right in, right out lot. From Rock Spring Drive, you cannot turn left into the lot. When you exit the lot, you may only turn right back onto Rock Spring Drive. The entrance/exit is located at the east end of the lot, near Giant. The drop off is arranged this way in order to maximize the number of cars that can queue on campus and to make entering and exiting safe and efficient. All students, both front & back seats, should exit vehicles from the right side once at the drop off loop curb. Students should NOT exit vehicles on Rock Spring Drive! An average of two hundred and forty vehicles use the drop-off loop every morning between 6:55 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. and it is not safe to have students walking among these vehicles.

Parents may also enter the lower school parking lot (staff parking) from Rockledge and drop your students off at the top of the parking lot next to the cafeteria.


When waiting for students in the front loop or side lot after school please be respectful of staff and move your car if they need to enter or leave their reserved spaces in that area. When using the Rock Spring lot for pick-up please pull forward as far as possible to maximize the number of cars that can fit in the space.

Following is a satellite view of the WJ campus. The front student drop-off is the oval in the top right corner of the campus. Cars should stop IN the oval lot on Rock Spring Drive or IN the oval parking lot around the corner on Rockledge Drive immediately to the left of the building in the picture.

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