Westland Middle School Physical Education and Health


Mr. Dave Obstgarten - P.E./Health Resource Teacher; Arts Resource Teacher

Mr. Tim Crane - P.E./Health Teacher

Ms. Jamie Ferrigno - P.E./Health Teacher

Mr. Will Gant - P.E./Health Teacher 

Ms. Wendy Bechtel - P.E./Health Teacher

Mr. Andrew Fier - P.E./Health Teacher

Comprehensive Health Education

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Grade 6 Health Education Key Concepts

Grade 7 Health Education Key Concepts

Grade 8 Health Education Key Concepts

Physical Education

MCPS Middle School students participate in a daily program of physical education. Each grade level will have emphasis on specific course indicators. In sixth grade, students focus on team building, accountability and positive interaction with a diverse population that surrounds them. As seventh graders, their focus is designed to challenge them to cooperate and compete while practicing teamwork, sports etiquette, cooperation, decision making, leadership, and communication. By eighth grade, students will apply skills and concepts learned in the previous two years to various activities while developing realistic lifetime goals for maintaining and/or improving their proficiency and fitness. (For a more detailed explanation please review the MCPS 2012-2013 Middle School Program Brochure).

Physical Education Syllabus Grading Policy  - COMING SOON

Required PE Uniforms

All students are required to have a complete change of clothing for Physical Education class, including socks and athletic shoes. You may not participate in flip-flops or crocs!!!   

Students may purchase PE clothes from our PE Department at any time or bring in their own clothes to be used specifically for Physical Education class. This clothing should be a gray, white, or yellow t-shirt and blue, black, or gray shorts with a minimum inseam of 4”. Clothing worn to school may not be used for physical education class.   

It is very important to make sure that your son/daughter takes home their P.E. clothes at least once a week to be laundered. Also, please send your children to P.E. with non-aerosol deodorant. Good Hygiene makes a stink free locker room.

The following items are for sale at TimeOut for Sports :

  • T-shirt ($15)
  • Shorts ($20 - $22)
  • Gray Hooded Sweat Shirt ($32)
  • Gray Open-bottom or Closed-bottom Sweat Pants ($25 - $26)

These items will also be available for purchase at school if you don't purchase them online.

Participation Policy

All students are expected to participate fully in the assigned activities each day.  


Temporary - 1-3 consecutive days: A note from parent/guardian required on the first day the student is to be excused.

Long Term - 4 or more days: A completed Physical Education Physician Contact Form is required. 


The PE department at Westland greatly values students’ overall Health and wellness.  On that front, all students at Westland complete the Fitnessgram testing three times a year.  This testing consists of activities such as; Mile Run (aerobic capacity), Push-Ups (muscular strength & endurance), Sit-Ups (muscular strength & endurance), Sit & Reach (flexibility) and Trunk Lift (muscular strength and endurance).  These tests assess multiple components of fitness for our students and allows them to see where their fitness level lies in comparison to the Healthy Fitness Zone standards which are based on students’ age and gender.  For more information about the Fitnessgram program, please visit:


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