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Westland-Net, the Westland Middle School e-mail network, has more than 900 members. Membership is limited to current and incoming Westland families and Westland teachers and staff. Similar to networks for a number of other schools in Montgomery County, including Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Westland-Net is for communicating about school matters and education in general. When you join Westland-Net, you are agreeing to abide by the Acceptable Use Guidelines set forth below. If you have any questions, please email Cathy Stocker.


Joining Westland-Net List Serve

  1. Send an email to:  westland-net-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  2. You will receive an email confirming your request to join Westland-net
  3. You MUST respond to the Yahoo confirmation email by using the link, which will allow you to enter your child's name and grade into the "Comments to Owner" section.
  4. Please DO NOT use the option in the email to: "REPLY to this email by clicking "reply" and then "Send".  You can't provide your child's name and grade in this response and your membership will get rejected.
  5. Set your membership preferences (your public profile, email address, message delivery, etc.).
  6. The Moderator will get a notice that you would like to join and once your information is confirmed then you will receive an automated email that your request has been approved.

Responding to an invitation

  1. Open the email invitation from the group you'd like to join.
  2. Click Join Group.
  3. On the page that appears describing the group, click Join Group.
    Note: If you'd rather only receive emails from the group, click Join the mailing list (or follow the instructions below).


Acceptable Use Guidelines - Effective August 27, 2012  

Adapted with permission from the B-CCnet Acceptable Use Guidelines  

STATEMENT: Westland-net is an electronic message board for those affiliated with Westland Middle School (WMS) owned and maintained by the Westland PTA.  Its primary purpose is to communicate information about school events and activities, and provide a forum where members can ask questions and share ideas on education and other issues directly affecting middle school students.  While the school and the PTA will place notices on Westland-net, it is only an informal means of distributing information and does not supplant other communications from the school or PTA.   


Postings on Westland-net do not reflect the opinions or views of any entity related to the State of Maryland, Montgomery County, Montgomery County Public Schools, or any teacher or parent organization.


MEMBERSHIP:   Westland-net is open to members of the Westland Middle School community: (1) faculty and staff, (2) parents of students attending Westland and (3) students themselves. Exceptions require the approval the PTA President or Executive Vice President.


APPLICABILITY: These Guidelines apply to all members of Westland-net.  In joining Westland-net, members agree to abide by these Guidelines as well as the Yahoo! Groups Terms of Service and Yahoo! Group Guidelines. 



1.  The subject matter of messages posted to Westland-net is primarily but not limited to information about school events and activities, education and issues directly affecting middle school students.   


2. Departments, clubs, teams, camps, tutors, and other groups within the Westland community should not rely on Westland-net as their primary means of communications, but may post no more than three bulletins per quarter to advertise events, make announcements or seek recruits.


3.  While Westland-net is not a general interest community bulletin board, the PTA, at its discretion, may allow posting of community events that are free, open to the public, and are of interest to middle school students and their families, as well as fundraising and other events that benefit Bethesda-Chevy Chase cluster schools.


4. Posting of commercial notices, business solicitations, and all other marketplace advertisements are allowed two postings per acedemic quarter only if relevant to the academic, artistic, athletic or emotional growth and development of Westland students.   Replies to requests for such referrals should not be sent to Westland-net, but should be sent directly to the person requesting the information. 

5.  Members may request information or referrals for education and youth related activities and services such as tutors, test preparation, camps, study programs. etc. but replies to requests should be sent directly to the person requesting the information and that person inturn should post a summary of the information on Westland-Net.

6. While civil discussion about issues related to the education and well-being of middle school students is permitted, appropriate language, behavior and style are expected from all Westland-net members at all times and in all messages.  Extended discussions between or amongst members should be taken “off-line.”

7. Members may not post on behalf of anyone else, although parents may post for their students. 

8. Off topic messages- posting unrelated to Westland MS students or MCPS- suchas general recommendations, items for sale or to purchase and community news may be posted on the B-CC community list-serv.  To Join: 1.  Send an email to BCCcommunity-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  2.  Include your full name and identify your B-CC Neighborhood of residence or indicate that you are a parent, teacher, administrator, or staff member at Westland Middle School.

9. Posts promoting BCC academic, sporting or fundraising events that include middle school age children and/or their parents are limited to 2 posts per event.  

10. Grade level or sporting event targeted at high school aged students or their parents should post to BCC-Net and BCC Community. 


ADMINISTRATION:  Ownership of Westland-net is vested in the PTA Board of Directors.  The PTA manages Westland-net through parent /volunteer moderators whose role is to ensure that membership is limited to those eligible to belong to Westland-net and that postings fall within the appropriate use guidelines.


Those seeking to join Westland-net will be asked for their school affiliation (faculty, staff, parent, guardian, student). Names will not be added to Westland-net without permission. The PTA will not share membership lists or email addresses with other organizations.  


Only members of Westland-net can post messages, receive messages, or review messages on the Yahoo! Groups web site. 


Messages posted to Westland-net may be screened by PTA-appointed moderators to ensure that they are in accordance with the PTA’s guidelines.  


Attachments to email messages are not allowed.


RESPONSIBILITIES:   Each member may express views freely; however: 


1. You must sign your name to your posting and state your affiliation with WMS.


2. You may NOT advocate on behalf of any candidate for political office or engage in legislative advocacy except as allowed under PTA bylaws and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


3. You may NOT use language that constitutes libel, slander, defamatory claims, or hate speech. 


4. You may NOT advocate for nor deride particular faiths or beliefs. 


5. Westland-net is not the proper forum to handle a dispute with a particular teacher or to question the value of a class or assignment.



ENFORCEMENT:  Repeated violations of the Guidelines may result in the restriction of status to “read only” or removal from the list-serve. For households with a student enrolled in WMS, a change of status requires the approval of the PTA President.  



Yahoo! Groups Guidelines http://groups.yahoo.com/local/guidelines.html  

Yahoo! Privacy Statement http://privacy.yahoo.com/privacy/us/  

Yahoo! Terms of Service http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms 


APPROVAL: PTA Executive Committee


REVIEW CYCLE: Annually, or as needed at the discretion of the PTA Executive Committee.  


How to Post Messages

To send a message to everybody on the list, address an e-mail to Westland-net@yahoogroups.com. Westland-net does not allow attachments to messages. You must sign your message with your name, student's name and graduation year. (For example, Mary Smith, Bill '08). Messages posted to Westland-net are reviewed prior to posting to ensure compliance with the Acceptable Use Guidelines.


Daily Digest Option
Generally, list members receive each e-mail message as it is sent. If you would prefer, you can receive a single daily e-mail (containing the text of all messages sent the previous day). To sign up for this option, send a blank message to westland-net-digest@yahoogroups.com  



Leave or unsubscribe from a group


Need to leave a group or unsubscribe for one reason or another? Unsubscribing is quick and painless.


Leaving a group

  1. On your group's main page, click Membership | Edit Membership.
  2. Click Leave Group.
  3. Click Leave.

Keep in mind: If you're the group’s only owner, you'll need to first transfer ownership to another member before you can step down.

Unsubscribing from a group's mailing list

  1. Send a blank message from your subscribed email address to [group name]-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
    Note: Replace [group name] with the exact name of the group you want to leave.
    -You'll be sent a confirmation email
  2. Respond to the confimation email in order to unsubscribe.
    Note: If you don't see the confirmation email, it may have been delivered to your spam folder.


Change Email Address

How do I change the email address that receives posts from Westland?


1.    This can only be done by the parent – the moderator can not update your Yahoo Groups profile


a.     Log into yahoo groups

b.    Click the membership button on the right side for drop down menu

c.     Select edit membership option.  

d.    Click the pencil next to the title Identity. You will get a pop up for edit.  

e.     Select add new email near the bottom

f.      Select “Add Another”

g.     Enter your email address and click “Save”.  This will generate a verification email to the new email address.  You will have to open that email and click verify to activate.

h.    Select the new email address as primary by clicking in the circle next to the email address to receive Westland posts

i.      You can delete your old email address

j.      Remember to save before closing the window


Additional Information

If you're being overwhelmed by too many email messages, you can always change your email delivery preferences instead of leaving a grou

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