Community Project

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Community Project 

To learn more about the Community Project, review the video presentation below! 



Criterion A: Investigating

Criterion B: Planning

Criterion C: Taking Action

Criterion D: Reflecting

Click here for the Letter to 8th Grade Parents and Guardians

As a Middle Years Program school, we encourage students to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners. One way our 8th grade SSIMS students demonstrate a commitment to service is through completing a Community Project.

Students will meet with their coaches on a bi-weekly basis during a designated JAG period. All Community Project coaching presentations and activities are posted to coaches' MYP Community Project canvas classrooms. The schedule of coaching sessions can be seen in the table below. 

1st Coaching Session

November 9, 2022- November 18, 2022

2nd Coaching Session

November 28, 2022- December 9, 2022

3rd Coaching Session

December 12, 2022- December 22, 2022

4th Coaching Session

January 3, 2023- January 13, 2023

5th Coaching Session

January 17, 2023- January 26, 2023

6th Coaching Session

January 30, 2023- February 10, 2023

7th Coaching Session

February 13, 2023- February 24, 2023

8th Coaching Session

February 27, 2023- March 10, 2023

9th Coaching Session

March 13, 2023- March 24, 2023

10th Coaching Session

March 27, 2023- April 14, 2023


April 17, 2023- April 28, 2023

Last Coaching Session (after Showcase)

May 8, 2023- May 19, 2023


The Community Project Showcase is Wednesday, May 3, 2023!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our MYP Coordinator, Mrs. Molly Kuhn, with any questions! Her email address is