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Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is a privilege and students must follow all school and bus rules while traveling on the bus. Discipline problems which occur on the bus are dealt with severely because they jeopardize student safety. The school reserves the right to deny bus transportation to students who do not comply with bus rules.

Unless the school receives a written request from a parent/guardian, students are expected to ride home on their assigned bus. Students must ride their assigned bus daily and board or depart from the same stop.

SSIMS Area Bus Routes for SY 23-24 


IMMERSION Bus Routes for SY 23-24 



Students using the Magnet buses in the morning:

  • If the route ends at Eastern MS, they should not get off at Blair HS. Instead, continue to Eastern MS and transfer to any of the following bus routes that go to SSIMS:  1706 – 3705 – 5713 – 6709.
  • If bus route ends at Blair HS, students need to transfer to one of the route that go to Eastern MS, and then transfer again to one of the previously notated bus routes that come to SSIMS.
  • In the afternoon, students should take bus route 3705 or 3709 to Blair HS and then transfer to respective their magnet bus route.