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Middle Years Programme

middle years program


"The Middle Years Program (MYP), developed by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), while an excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Program, is separate and independent. Students in Grades 6 – 10 explore the following areas across all academic subjects: approaches to learning, environment, human creativity, health and social education, and community and service. They engage in research, the acquisition and application of critical thinking skills, and study a second language. Upon completion of the five-year program, students can earn a Certificate of Achievement which documents their knowledge and skills measured against a set of international performance standards. It also reflects students’ completion of a research-based personal project on a subject of interest."

- Montgomery County Public Schools Middle Years Programme


What do MYP teachers do differently?


Review this presentation to learn more about MYP!


Approaches to Learning Skill Tips of the Week

Each week we talk about different ways to practice and develop skills that help us develop as learners! Check them out here!


Answers to Questions about MYP Assessment

Molly Dougherty, MYP Coordinator at Silver Spring International, has created a brochure to help answer FAQ's about MYP assessment. For more information about our Middle Years Program, part of the International Baccalaureate Program, please contact Ms. Dougherty at Molly_P_Dougherty@mcpsmd.org

More about MYP