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Summer Math

The math department at RHMS highly recommends that all students complete one of the optional support math resources provided below. All links below will help you review material from this school year in preparation for your math course in the fall. Make sure you look at the links associated with your incoming math fall course.
Independent Summer Learning (all grades/courses)
Incoming Math 6

This summer, all students will be participating in the countywide summer reading program. Students may read any text they choose including novels, newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, plays, poetry, and blogs. A key to motivating students to read is to allow them choice in the format and content of what they read.

After reading, students should write a reflection about the text they have read. A choice board is provided with a variety of reflection prompts, or students may create their own. In the fall, teachers will collect the reflections and use them to get to know their students. The Summer Reading Task will not be graded; instead, teachers will use it as a classroom community builder to help students get to know one another. Please encourage your child to participate.

Please contact Mrs. Rebecca Paul, English Content Specialist, with any questions: