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The Science Signature at Paint Branch High School offers our students exciting and varied opportunities to explore sciences first hand and apply what was learned from the classroom with real life experiences through internships to prepare them for post– secondary education.

Students in Ms. Ryan's biology class dissecting a pig.Our Medical Science Program is one of the leading programs in the state of Maryland. The students and teachers have been recognized by numerous county, state and national institutions. Graduates of this program have continued their college studies in medicine as physicians, surgeons, nurses, operating room specialists and pharmacists. Other graduates have pursued degrees and careers in biomedical engineering, scientific research and teaching.

Sciences Courses

  • Academy of Health Professions

    Structures & Function of the Human Body
    Foundations of Medicine
    Fundamentals of Pharmacy
    Guided Research in Health Professions
    Medical Science with Clinical Applications
    Medical Science Internship

  • Life Science

    AP Biology
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Chemistry
    Honors Biology
    Honors Chemistry
    Science Internship

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Physical Science

    AP Physics A & B

  • AP Chemistry 
  • Honors Physics

  • Astronomy
    Physical Science

  • Honors Chemistry

  • Engineering Science

    Principles of Engineering
    Intro. To Engineering Design
    Civil Engineering & Architecture
    Digital Electronics A/B
    Engineering Design & Development
    Advanced Technological Applications
    Advanced Design Applications
    Engineering– Guided Research

  • Computer Science

    Computer Programming
    AP Computer Science
    AP Computer Programming 1, 2 & 3
    Software App by Design A/B
    Web Site Development A/B
    Discovering Program Concepts A/B

Science Department

The Paint Branch High School Science Department is committed to providing science instruction for all students. Our program addresses what students should know and be able to do in science, preparing them for further scientific study, as well as for their role as young citizens, in a world where science literacy is a basic need. 

Staff Office Hours

7:00 a.m. – 7:15 a.m.
LAP – 10:50 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Typical Science Experience

If the 8th Grade Science Grade is an A or B:  

  • Students can enroll in: Honors Physics 9 * OR Honors Biology. Students enrolling in Honors Physics 9 ALSO need to have completed Algebra I by the end of 8th Grade with a final exam grade of an A or B AND concurrent enrollment in at least Honors Geometry.

If the 8th Grade Science Grade is a C or below:  

  • Students can enroll in: Honors Matter & Energy
    As a Science Signature school, we believe all students need to be challenged academically. Thus, students not enrolled in Honors Physics 9 or Honors Biology will take Honors Matter and Energy.

Science Teachers

Pamela S. Leffler, Resource Teacher  



Ateya Arozullah

H. Bio,

Environmental Science

Carson Bennett

H. Physics,


Alison Berger

H. Chemistry

Melanie Boslego

Medical Sciences

Ellen Brinsko

AP Biology,

Structures & Functions of the Human Body

Martha Coleman

Foundations of Medicine,

Physical Science

Kim de la Cerda



Thomas Jensen

H. Biology,


Richard Lee

AP Chemistry,

H. Chemistry

Pam Leffler

AP Biology,

Anatomy & Physiology

Josh Romash


Physical Science

Cristin Ryan

H. Chemistry


Cassandra Smink

H. Biology

Physical Science

Karen Sondak

AP Environmental Science,

Environ. Science

Morgan Stevens

AP Chemistry,

H. Biology


Noah Walker

H. Biology,



David Zaleski

AP Physics,

H. Physics



Joe Thomas

Physical Science


Students at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in DC!


Students at the Chemathon!



Students getting ready for the science expo!  

Tri-Science Medal

  • Take and successfully complete 3 of the 4 AP science courses and receive the Tri-Science Medal!

Science Clubs

  • Environmental Club
  • Science National Honor Society
  • Engineering Club  
  • STEM Club

Astronomy News: Space Telescope Science Institute 

Academy of Health Professions

In the double period Medical Careers class first semester students learn patient care, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, diseases and disorders, and infection control and they earn CPR and First Aid certification from a registered nurse and certified teacher. Second semester they intern four days a week for 90 minutes each day at Holy Cross Hospital, where they rotate through at least ten departments for two weeks each. The departments include emergency, pediatrics, cardiology, radiology, physical therapy, and post-natal care. 

Exploring Science in the Community!

Students had an exciting day at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in DC!


Matter & Energy students attended the Maryland Science Center. It was a fun, interactive and exciting day for all!

Students at the MD Science Center  

Biology students attended the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They had the amazing opportunity to dissect a squid and explore one of the best aquariums in the country!

Students dissecting a squid at the National Aqurium in Baltimore