Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance, a member program of the National Academy Foundation, addresses the needs of the financial services industry by providing high school students with the education required for success.

The Academy of Finance is a college preparatory program. Its mission is to encourage high school students to take courses in financial studies related disciplines. By doing so, students gain valuable knowledge to prepare for meaningful careers and to build personal wealth.


Academy Program Features:

  • Six-to eight-week paid internships (junior/senior year) of at least 200 hours.
  • Rigorous program of study
  • A way for students to earn college credits while in high school
  • Enhanced opportunities for employment after graduation
  • Industry training for students and teachers
  • Motivated students who know that the academy prepares them for college and for their careers

Advantages to Students

Student at 2015 AOF Graduation

Students gain first hand experience in the fascinating and challenging world of finance through paid internship programs.

Throughout their years in the Academy, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with people, functions, and organizations in the financial services industry
  • Visit banks, brokerage houses, financial exchanges, insurance companies, accounting firms, and government agencies
  • Participate in mentoring and shadowing programs
  • Gain valuable insights from guest speakers
  • Attend conferences, trade shows, and college fairs
  • Enjoy special graduation and recognition ceremonies
  • Enhanced opportunities for scholarships and employment upon graduation
PBHS students at 2017 DECA competition

How to Get Started

  1. Complete and submit an AOF application
  2. Sign up for Academy of Finance (AOF) required courses
  3. Speak with Ms. Anderson in room 2111 or contact her at to pick up an enrollment form or ask questions about our Academy of Finance and Business Organizations.

Did You Know?

  • If a student begins to invest as a teenager, he/she can become a millionaire by the time they retire.
  • Students are graduating from college with a lot of debt.
  • Money management is essential to a financially-successful life.
  • A credit report is often required when applying for a job.
  • Most careers require some financial knowledge.
  • AOF students can earn up to 13 college credits while at PBHS through Montgomery College Tech Prep Program.

Academy of Finance Courses

Required Courses:

  • Accounting A/B
  • Financial Planning
  • Banking and Credit
  • Entrepreneurship A/B
  • Internship—(2 Semesters) Summer Internship Form

Electives: (2 semesters required)

  • International Finance
  • Economics and World Finance
  • AP Economics
Course Sequence
Financial Planning (Grade 9 or 10)
Banking and Credit (Grade 9 or 10)
Accounting (Grade 11)
Internship (Grade 11 or 12)
Entrepreneurship (Grade 12)
AOF Final Project (12)

The Academy then follows students into their college years and they are given priority after college in the following areas: NAF Track Certified Hiring

AOF Summer Internship Information

In order for students to graduate from the Academy of Finance, they must complete a minimum of 200 internship hours. Many students choose to complete this over the summer. Students who would like to complete their internship over the summer must first get prior approval and join NAF Summer Internship on google classroom. Please email Ms. Candia or Ms. Anderson for the classroom codes. Below are samples of forms that must be submitted electronically the first week of school through google classroom.