Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)

The United States government in 1964 established the United States Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Program. The mission of NJROTC was and is today to promote patriotism, develop responsible citizens, develop respect for authority, promote leadership, promote an understanding of the basic elements and the need for national security, provide information for a possible military career, promote community service, provide a positive alternative to gangs, promote high school completion, and provide incentive to live a healthy and drug free life

Paint Branch High School NJROTC unit was established in 2003. Since them, the unit earned numerous Distinguished and Unit Achievement Accoladed.  Paint Branch NJROTC unit focuses on providing leadership opportunities, team building, community service, and field trips to military units and education institutions. Students who are involved in NJROTC for more than 2 years may earn advanced standing in the military should they choose to join, and expanded opportunities to earn NROTC scholarship or academy appointments.


Naval Junior ROTC is taught by retired Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard service members.  These instructors bring over 20 years of military service and experience each.  The instructors are vetted and certified by the Navy, and hired by School system.  The instructors adhere to both US Navy regulations as well as school system rules.

Senior Naval Science Instructor

CAPT Chan H. Shin US Navy (Retired)

Naval Science Instructor

Chief Petty Officer Odell Mark US Navy

Chain of Command & Gallery


About the NJROTC

One of the key tenets of the program is for high school students to gain leadership experience in the program.  Students are selected to leadership position based on their demonstrated leadership potential, their drive and motivation to lead, and their dedication to Navy’s Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Cadets usually hold on to their position for a school year, but may change out based on circumstances.  The SNSI selects cadets for these leadership position. 

Upcoming Events


NJROTC Field Trips

Field trips are cornerstone of NJROTC Cadet learning and experience.  Cadets are able to see and experience organization, institution, and equipment not normally available to the public.   Cadets have travelled to far as California and Florida to experience what our military personnel are doing day to day to protect this nation.  While on these trips, cadets build camaraderie and teamwork with each other.

March 2023   Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences


February 2023 Black Engineer of the Year STEM Mentoring


November 2022 Marine Corps Museum



NJROTC Community Service

Major part of service and citizenship is volunteerism and community service.  Many of our cadets are already involved in volunteering on their own at local hospitals and charity organizations, but NJROTC also organizes specific events for community service.  This year, Paint Branch NJROTC partnered with Montgomery County Park Services for Park clean up.   


NJROTC Color Guard Team

The NJROTC Color Guard is made up of a group people who present the National Colors or the American Flag during the National Anthem at football games, basketball games, wrestling matches, other activities by request, and at competitions around the state. The Color Guard Commander is the National flag bearer. There is also the Unit flag bearer, and right and left rifle bearers. We train every Monday and right before any performance. We would like to have a minimum of 16 students who are qualified to present the color at school and community events. Color Guard is a challenging experience, which helps build discipline and respect for the National Colors. Students who are on the competition Color Guard Team earn Varsity Letters at the end of the school year.