Child Development & Education Academies

It is our mission in Child Development to empower students to be successful as they acquire the knowledge and skills needed for child related careers, postsecondary education, and everyday family living. Students will be able to develop and refine skills through rigorous coursework that includes hands-on training, research, observation and independent study. Authentic learning experiences prepare students for postsecondary education, careers, and society.


Name Class/Position
 Amy Brewer Teacher
Early Child Development Program
Academy of Maryland Program Coordinator
PBHS Preschool Lab


Child Development

The Child Development Program is a tandem educational program, which serves the High School student and the community at large.


  • The High School Program

    The High School Program offers a course that is both fun and challenging. Students enjoy spending time teaching and playing with their preschool students. They follow a rigorous academic and hands-on curriculum designed to prepare them for success in parenting, education, psychology, social work, and pediatric medicine. Students earn community service hours and can pursue a path to earn advanced college placement in Early Childhood Education.

  • The Preschool Program

    The Preschool Program offers the community a nurturing, enriching, safe experience for pre-kindergarten children. Trained high school Child Development students teach the preschoolers under the supervision of an experienced professional teacher and adult assistant. The student/teacher ratio is typically 2/1. The two classes include children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Children participate in group activities that help promote their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Parents can help in the classroom, take part in special events and attend field trips. For more information, please visit our PBHS Preschool's website.  For any further questions, reference our FAQs page.