Internship Program A unique educational experience

The Internship Program is designed to provide an unpaid opportunity for students to obtain firsthand knowledge of a career or field of study. Internships provide students an opportunity to apply what has been learned at school to the world of work, while guided by a mentor who helps to impart additional workplace skills.

The subject/career-related internship program is an elective available to seniors. Since Paint Branch's signature program has two themes, or points of focus, there are many internship opportunities available to students in science and media. But, since Paint Branch is also a comprehensive high school, internships are not limited to these areas, and students may explore fields outside of the signature focus. Through internships, students make thoughtful decisions about post-secondary education or full time employment.

The program is designed to meet the interests, needs, and schedule of each participant. Interns are obligated to be at the work site for at least eight hours per week. The intern and sponsor mutually agree on scheduling.

Interns are seeking additional education on the job. They participate in work-related seminars, individual projects, demonstrations, and group projects in school and/or on site. Exposure to varied experiences serves to enrich the program for sponsors and interns. It is hoped that 75% of the work done by students will be project-oriented and no more than 25% of the work will be clerical.

Internship Objectives:

  • To gain appreciation of the importance of training, education, and experience in an ever-changing work environment
  • To explore the range of choices and opportunities within a career area
  • To gain an understanding of the connection between school and work
  • To ease the transitions between high school and post-secondary education and/or career choice
  • To develop a working relationship with adults
  • To develop job-keeping skills
  • To provide the community with an opportunity to play an active part in the shaping of career goals and skills development in young people

Applying for an Internship

Rising seniors with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply for an internship.  Learn all about the internship program and application here.


Important Internship Forms

All interns need to join google classroom to get regular updates, announcements, assignments and to submit weekly time sheets and reflections. Please email Megan Tomas. Forms below are examples of forms we use in internship, but students must be enrolled in Internship through google classroom for most up to date forms and assignments.