Media Signature Program

The Media Signature at Paint Branch High School develops the intellectual, creative and communication skills of students in a uniquely interdisciplinary, highly product oriented program that involves them in an interactive exploration of humanities and the media.

Using state of the art television and radio studios, student produce award winning daily television broadcasts, documentaries and radio broadcasts. Print publication use online publishing and photography preparing the students for successful college careers and life-long learning in the media areas.

Are you interested in…

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Animation
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Web Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Set Design
  • Photography
  • Theater
  • Videography
  • Digital Art
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Creative Writing
  • Print Journalism
  • Feature & Documentary Development

…come to Paint Branch and explore a world of opportunities.

Media Signature Courses

  • Television Production

    Video Production A/B
    Electronic Video Field Production A/B
    Media Management & Production A/B

  • Radio Production

    Radio Production A/B
    Electronic Audio Field Production A/B
    Radio Station Management Operations A/B

  • Electronic & Print Media

    Journalism– Editing/News Production
    Journalism– Advanced Techniques
    Digital Art
    Website Development
    Literary Magazine - Advanced Composition
    Stage Design
    Advanced Acting
    Play Directing



Television Production, Radio and Newspaper

Students in the Broadcast Media program learn about career options in a field that is constantly evolving. In the television and radio studio, we use the latest in digital technology. International multimedia conglomerates have transformed the industry from a small number of local broadcasting outlets to a wide variety of audience via hundreds of cable and satellite stations. The explosion of new programming and technology options has opened a myriad of career opportunities for students to pursue. These courses are careeer education electives.

At Paint Branch, television students produce and air a daily television show in the morning after first period. Those shows can be viewed here on on website. The radio station broadcasts twice a week via the television during the LAP (lunch) time.

Television Courses

  • 5173/5174 Video Production A/B

    0.5 credit per semester 

    This course introduces students to the fundamentals of video production. Students learn how to write, script, storyboard, videotape, and edit a variety of videos including commercials, music videos, and public service announcements. This course focuses on the importance of planning integrated with hand-on experience of the latest technology.

  • 5175/5176 Electronic Video Field Production A/B

    0.5 credit per semester 

    In this course students take all of the skills they learned in video production and apply them to a live product. Students are technicians and produce a live daily show viewed by the entire school. They are trained on all areas of live production including directing, camera work, audio, and producing. Student s are given a real world experience using the latest digital high definition technology in the broadcast industry.

  • 5177/5178 Media Management and Production B

    0.5 credit per semester 

    Students enrolled in this course serve as producers for the live show. They are in charge of coordinating all elements of the show including script writing, booking and planning for live interviews, package producing, and all other elements necessary for the live show. They are responsible for having the overall vision for our live daily broadcasts. These students are given the opportunity to experience how it feels to run the show.

Radio Courses

  • 5169/5170 Radio Production A/B

    0.5 credit per semester 

    This course introduces students to the fundamentals of radio. Students learn production fundamentals, how radio developed, and radio technology through studio hands-on experience. Students create their own productions using a school's radio equipment. Field trips and guest lecturers provide initial career information. This course provides a strong emphasis on recording and editing audio sources using digital editors. Course fees may apply.

  • 5171/5172 Electronic Audio Field Production A/B

    0.5 credit per semester 

    This course builds on Radio Production A and B. Students will have the opportunity to improve radio skills while working on a daily live radio show. This course provides a strong emphasis on the audio aspects of radio communication. Programs produced for the school as well as for transmission over the Internet are part of the responsibilities for this class. In addition, advanced writing and production techniques for presentations in news radio broadcasting and entertainment programming will be covered.

  • 5166/5167 Radio Station Management/Operations A/B

    0.5 credit per semester 

    Students enrolled in the management/operations course will serve as station staff members for the school’s radio station. In addition to producing a daily live show within the school, the staff will be responsible for producing one half-hour program each month for Web casting on the school’s site. The course is to be primarily studio-based, with EAFP products utilized in the productions.

Newspaper/Journalism Courses

Mainstream the student newspaper of Paint Branch High SchoolJournalism students write and produce a monthly newspaper that is distributed to students and the local community. Additionally, journalism students write for an maintain a website that is consistently updated with new content including breaking news events and school sports coverage.

Mainstream - the student newspaper of Paint Branch High School