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Mission Statement:   

 It is the mission of the Northwest High School Counseling Department to advocate, collaborate, and facilitate individual and system change to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success and personal growth.  Meet our department!       

Counseling Quick Links:

College Information:  The Application Process @ NW | Transcript Requests | Montgomery College

College & Career Prep:  Naviance Access for Parents & Students 
Free Kaplan Courses through Naviance (view the tutorial on how to register for the Kaplan courses here | 

Counseling Services:  General Information | New Student Enrollment | Work Permits | Summer School 

NewSummer 2019 College Career Workshop SeriesWorkshops begin June 19.  Click here to download the Information Flyer with all the details, including how to register.  Registration is required.  | web post 17 May 2019 |

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The Northwest High School Counseling Team:

Jodi Edmunds, Resource Counselor

Counselor & Alpha Student Breakdown Grades 9-11:

Jeff Flach  A to Ber
Tamela McCarthy-Redd     Bes to Deb
Christine Kravitz  Dec to Go
Nancy Blanco  Gp to Kak
Athena Cois  Kal to Mal
Austin Freeman  Mam to N 
Sammy Buck     O to Sak
Christina Kim  Sal to Thn
Sean Stewart  Tho to Z
 Jodi Edmunds  Students in the Middle College Program 

Counselor & Alpha Student Breakdown Grade 12:

Jeff Flach  A to Brov
Tamela McCarthy-Redd     Brow to Dio
Christine Kravitz  Dip to Gup
Nancy Blanco  Guq to Kim
Athena Cois  Kin to Mc
Austin Freeman  Md to Par 
Sammy Buck     Pas to Rh
Christina Kim  Ri to S
Sean Stewart  T to Z

Counseling Support Staff:

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Counseling Services & General Information:

 The Counseling Department is open from 7:15 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please call ahead to make an appointment. You are also invited to e-mail your child's counselor at the address provided below. Counseling Services include:

  • Academic & Personal Counseling (long term therapy is not provided)
  • College & Career Planning | College Readiness Newsletter PrepTalk
  • Coordination of Educational Management Team Meetings
  • Coordination of Parent/Teacher Conferences    
  • Referral Services to Community Resources and Supports  

The College Application Process at Northwest High School:

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The Registrar's Office & Transcript Requests:

  • College Transcript Request Form for Transcript Requests (This form includes release authorization and must be on file in the Registrar's Office.
  • College Application Follow Up with Mid-Year Transcripts:  You must complete a Mid-Year Transcript Request Form.  If your college's delivery method is electronic, then your mid-year transcript will be sent electronically.  All Common App schools require a Mid-Year transcript be sent.  If your initial transcript was sent via US Mail, then follow directions on the Mid-Year Transcript form for providing an envelope to the Registrar's Office.
  • Final Transcript Requests:  The college you plan to attend will require a FINAL HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT.  FINAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORMS will be available in the Registrar's Office after spring break.  Click here to download the form.  Please deliver a completed Final Transcript Request Form to the registrar before school, during lunch or after school in order to process your final request.  There is NO CHARGE for this transcript.  Final Transcripts will not be available until mid-July.  | web post 16 April 2019 |
  • Transcript & Recommendation Requests for Scholarships 
  • Selective Service Registration:  Selective Service Registration for high school male students age 17 years and 3 months. Registration is quick, easy, and it's the law.  Registrations processed on the 18th birthday.     

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 New Student Enrollment Information:

 The following links will provide new student's and parents to Northwest High School the required documents needed for enrollment: 

 How to Enroll Your Child in Montgomery County Public Schools:

 New Student Enrollment Forms Requirement by the Northwest Counseling Department:

 Additional information that may be required for Proof of Residency:

Montgomery College:   

 MC Home Page.  Use this link to access the online application through admissions as well as Accuplacer testing information and MC financial aid.  High school seniors applying to Montgomery College should plan to apply during the 'Application Fee Waiver' season October 1 to March 1. 

NW + MC Early College Access (Early Placement) Program Information. Earning college credit during your senior year. Application begins during senior year class registration! Click here for program details. 

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