Transition Services:  Helping students with disabilities make a successful transition to life after high school. 


The folloing list of activites is recommended for Juniors:



Graduation Check List 

9th Grade  

10th Grade  

11th Grade  

12th Grade  



_____ Check with Ms. Watson  regarding the status of your SAT/ACT accommodations if you applied previously.

_____ Take the SAT/ACT if appropriate

_____ Attend college programs sponsored by the guidance dept. and the College and Career Center (CCC).

_____ Attend Next Steps Workshops sponsored by MCPS Transition Services.  Contact Jenny Foster for details.

_____ Acquire volunteer or job experiences related to career plans

_____ Explore the Divison of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) Website:   See Mrs. Foster
          for application



_____ Meet with your counselor regarding progress on diploma requirements and career goal

_____ Meet with college/career school admissions representatives who visit Magruder

_____ Obtain information on apprenticeship programs as well as trade and technical schools

_____  Visit colleges/career or trade schools of interest

_____ Continue working on Family Connection



_____ Attend college fairs

_____ Attend your IEP meeting and have input on your Transition Plan

_____ Spend time in the College and Career Center (CCC) exploring materials

_____ Visit colleges and/or trade and technical schools of interest

_____ Assemble a file of materials of all information collected from colleges/technical schools

_____ Develop your resume, practice interview skills, and contact personal references

_____ Obtain a summer job if interested