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School Community Health Nurse:
Megan Wilson

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The school health team is staffed by a School Community Health Nurse (RN) and a School Health Room Aide (SHRA). The school nurse and SHRA provide triage, emergency services, and first aid. The school health room aide works under the license of the school nurse. Services provided include emergency care for students and staff, communicable disease prevention and control, identification of health concerns, establishment of health care plans, and case management of students with health-related concerns.

A student requiring health room care must request a pass to the health room from his/her teacher, except in cases of serious illness or injury. Parents will be contacted by health room staff for all students needing to go home or to an appropriate medical facility.

Medications: In order for Health Room staff to administer medications during the school day, an Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication form, completed and signed by a physician and a parent/guardian, must be on file for each medication, including over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin. Forms are available from the Health Room.

MCPS-School Health Services


Megan Wilson - School Community Health Nurse

Shahgol Zachary - Health Technician


Monday - Friday

7:40 a.m.- 2:30p.m