Transition Services:  Helping students with disabilities make a successful transition to life after high school. 


The following list of activities is recommended for Sophomores:



Graduation Check List 

9th Grade  

10th Grade  

11th Grade  

12th Grade  



_____  Meet with Mrs. Garland in the College and Career Center (CCC) to discuss post-secondary options

_____ Check out the CCC webpage and become familiar with CCC resources



_____ Plan next year’s program to reflect your interests, school progress, and emerging career plans

_____ Consider applying for course offerings at the Thomas Edison High School of Technology

_____ Visit Edison HS of Technology Open House (call 301-929-6920) for information




____ Continue earning SSL hours.  Focus on activities related to potential career plans

____ Consider applying for ACT accommodations three months PRIOR to date of test (Contact Donna
           Watson, RTSE 301-840-4636).