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Investigations in Science 6

Investigations in Science 7

Investigations in Science 8

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Helpful Science Websites

Investigations in Science 6 NGSS Websites

Unit 1: Matter and Its Interactions
Unit 2: Ecosystem Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
Unit 3: Earth's Resources and Human Impacts on the Environment
Unit 4: Energy and Waves

Investigations in Science 7 NGSS Websites

Unit 1: Cellular Structures and Processes
Unit 2: Matter and Energy Flow in
Unit 3: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
Unit 4: Earth's History and Biological Evolution

Investigations in Science 8 NGSS Websites

Unit 1: Forces, Motion, and Interactions
Unit 2: Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe
Unit 3: Weather and Climate
Unit 4: Earth's Materials and Systems



CK-12 Earth Science For Middle School (MS ES)
Concept Collection (Student Edition) 
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CK-12 Life Science For Middle School (MS LS)
Concept Collection (Student Edition) 
FlexBook (Student Edition)

CK-12 Physical Science For Middle School (MS PS)
Concept Collection (Student Edition)
FlexBook (Student Edition)


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