Magnet Program 

Our Welcomed Partners

Welcome Prospective Students to Loiederman Middle School!

Studying and participating in the arts is an integral aspect of our community and our society as a whole. At Loiederman Middle School, academic engagement in the fine arts is an essential part of the school curriculum and an important component in the educational program of every student. Our goal is for all of our students to become proud consumers and advocates of the arts. We truly believe that every student is an artist at Loiederman.

Ashton Pontious, Magnet Coordinator

A Welcome from Our Principal, Ms. Megan McLaughlin

Welcome to A. Mario Loiederman Middle School, home of the Lions. When we opened our doors in September 2005, we established the only whole-school, arts-focused magnet program in Montgomery County.  We provide a unique opportunity for students to experience the accelerated MCPS core curriculum and specialized elective arts courses in a public school setting. 

Use the links above to access information about Loiederman's curriculum, admissions process, and transportation options.


If you like...

  • Challenging courses in accelerated English, math, social studies, and Spanish?
  • Singing, dancing, acting, speaking, reciting, or playing an instrument?
  • Drawing, painting, or sculpting?
  • Learning through movement?
  • Discovering how the arts, history, and literature connect the human experience?
  • Working behind the scenes at professional or student performances?
  • Learning from teachers who are artists and artists who are teachers?

...then the A. Mario Loiederman Magnet Middle School for the Creative and Performing Arts may be the place for you.

A. Mario Loiederman Magnet Middle School for the Creative and Performing Arts is part of the Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC).  Students who reside within the boundaries of the MSMC do not have a base middle school. Instead, students are assigned to one of three magnet middle schools, Argyle, A. Mario Loiederman, or Parkland, through a lottery school assignment process called the Choice process. Students and parents rank their preferred middle school choices as part of the Choice process. Visit the MSMC website to learn more about the magnet programs offered at each of the three MSMC schools and the Choice process.