Magnet Program 

Admissions at Loiederman Middle School

Admission to the A. Mario Loiederman Magnet Middle School for Creative and Performing Arts is based on a choice lottery process for students living inside the Middle School Magnet Consortium, and a lottery process for students living outside the consortium.

In-Consortium Students

Students who attended the following elementary schools are considered in-consortium: Bel Pre, Brookhaven, Georgian Forest, Harmony Hills, Sargent Shriver, Strathmore, Viers Mill, Weller Road, and Wheaton Woods. These students choose their preferred consortium middle school - Argyle, Loiederman, or Parkland - in November of their 5th grade year. Many, but not all, in-consortium students receive their first choice school.

Out of Consortium Students

Fifth grade students who attend any other school in the county may apply to the lottery process to attend Loiederman. These students also submit choice forms in November of their fifth grade year, and a lottery process is used to select students who receive an invitation to attend. Choice forms will be available from elementary schools, online, or from the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Programs Services at 240-740-2540.

Choice Forms

Choice forms will be mailed to in-consortium students. Forms for both in and out of consortium students are due in the Consortia office by November. They may be mailed to DCCAPS, 11721 Kemp Mill Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 or faxed to 301 649 8155.

For more information about the Magnet Programs, please visit the Middle School Magnet Consortium website, or contact Ashton Pontious, Magnet Coordinator via email or phone at 240-740-5830. 

Information about the Choice Process can be found on the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services.

Transportation for prospective students at LMS

MCPS provides transportation from the local consortium area.

Unfortunately, MCPS does not provide transportation to students who live outside of the Middle School Magnet Consortium area.  Loiederman organizes a car pool list that out of consortium parents use to arrange car pools with each other.  For more information arranging a car pool to Loiederman, please contact Ashton Pontious.