Social Studies

World Studies at Forest Oak Middle School

As Social Studies teachers, our mission is to help you understand yourself, others, and the environment around you so that you can skillfully use your thoughts and actions to positively influence your community...and the world. If you come to class every day with this purpose in mind, you’re going to not only set yourself up for a successful future, you’re going to have a great time learning here!

Throughout your time at FOMS, you will take three Social Studies classes:
6th Grade: Historical Inquiry in World Studies 6 OR Historical Inquiry in Global Humanities 6
(Egypt, Greece/Rome, China)

7th Grade: Historical Inquiry in World Studies 7 OR Historical Inquiry in Global Humanities 7
(Latin America, Europe, Africa)

8th Grade: Historical Inquiry in US History 8 OR Historical Inquiry in American Studies 8
(American colonization, independence, expansion, Civil War, and Reconstruction)

You will notice that all course names start with "Historical Inquiry". That's because you and your teachers will be investigating the answers to questions about geography, political systems, culture, and economic systems during each time in history to learn more about the experiences of the people living then and how their experiences still connect to our lives now.

While leaving with all this historical knowledge is great, we care just as much (if not more) about you leaving with the reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills of a historian, which you will be able to apply to just about anything you do for the rest of your life!

The FOMS Social Studies teachers are committed to helping all students to not only see yourselves in the curriculum but how you fit into the history of our world as competent, capable, agents of positive change.

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