Special Education 

Special education services ensure that all eligible students with disabilities are entitled to a "free, and appropriate public education" that is designated to meet their unique needs and to prepare them for post-secondary outcomes and independent living. Special education provides specialized instruction and related services to enable the student with a disability to have access to, and make progress in, the State curriculum in the regular classroom to the maximum extent appropriate. Services are provided as part of a written Individualized Education Program (IEP).

School Community-based Program (SCB)

These services are designed for students with severe or profound intellectual disabilities and/or multiple disabilities. SCB services include the following components: age-appropriate classes, heterogeneous groups, peer interactions, individualized instruction, community instruction, and transition.

Secondary Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD)


These services are available in all secondary schools in MCPS. These services are provided in a continuum of settings that may include components of self-contained classes, co-taught or supported general education classes, reading and/or math interventions and other opportunities for participation with non-disabled peers.

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