English Language Development (ELD)

At Forest Oak Middle School, we are proud of our diverse, multilingual,and multicultural population. Every student is important and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with everyone else. We work hard to ensure that every student succeeds. The goal of the English language development department is to empower ELD students to master academic English to thrive in school, college, careers, and as global citizens.


ELD classes are offered to students who score from a 1.0-4.4 on the WIDA Access Test. Students are placed in levels according to their scores.

English 6, 7, or 8 for English Learners I (WIDA score 1.0-1.9)
English 6,7, or 8 for English Learners II (WIDA score 2.0-2.9)
English 6, 7, or 8 for English Learners III (WIDA score 3.0-3.9)
English/Language Arts (Grade 6) courses build upon students’ prior knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and the mechanics of writing and usually include the four aspects of language use: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Typically, these courses introduce and define various genres of literature, with writing exercises often linked to reading selections. These courses also provide an explanation of the English language, enabling students to progress from a beginning level of understanding of English vocabulary and grammatical structures to a more comprehensive grasp of various formal and informal styles of using academic English in the context of English/language Arts

Advanced English 6, 7, or 8 (WIDA score 4.0-4.4)
Advanced ELs will receive the Advanced English curriculum with ELD scaffolded instruction by an Englsh/ELD or ELD certified teacher.