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CCES_NET Yahoo Group Listserv

The PTA sponsors a listserv for families to get news about school events. It is not an official outlet for Chevy Chase Elementary School, although the school utilizes the PTA listserv for delivery of important information. CCES_NET is maintained by the PTA and is a closed group, your membership must be approved and it is not visible to non members.

CCES_NET is a listserv for and about the school community. Members are allowed to post questions about the school, engage in civil discussion about matters affecting our children, and request recommendations for services related to the education of a student. See CCES_NET Acceptable Use Guidelines for additional information. CCES_NET is moderated to ensure compliance with the Guidelines. When people apply to join, we check to make sure they are current CCES families. Only members can post messages, receive messages, or review messages on the Yahoo Groups web site.

If you have problems, feel free to email the moderator directly at

How to subcribe, unsubscribe and change settings via email, (this is the EASY way)




To send a message to the group  

To subscribe (join the cces_net listserv) Please include your child's name/grade and homeroom teacher (if known).  

To unsubscribe (leave the cces_net listserv)  

To change your delivery status to DAILY DIGEST (only one email per day)  

To change your delivery status to NO EMAIL (messages may be viewed on the Yahoogroups web site, but will not be delivered to you)  

To change your delivery status to receive individual emails (you receive each email posted as it is sent)  

If you have a question about cces_net or need to contact the moderator.

How to look up previously sent messages, access your settings via the Yahoo group website

At the bottom of every cces_net email is the following Yahoo footer, click the "visit your group" link to go the Yahoo group, there you can search previously sent messages, and change your settings.


NOTE: The first time you actually visit the Yahoo Groups website, if you don't already have a Yahoo account, you have to register for a Yahoo account, even if you’ve been receiving and sending messages from the listserv.