About Us

Our Vision 

We care deeply about ALL children and their education.

Our Mission

Promote and celebrate the successful academic, social, emotional and personal development of each student to their fullest potential.

CCES Core Values

Honoring, affirming, and embracing our identity harmony through anti-bias and anti-racist practices that develop a safe community of mutual respect where all are welcome. 
Setting high expectations in all efforts through implementation of equitable and culturally responsible engagement. 
Promoting a positive atmosphere by building positive relationships, nurturing mindfulness, encouraging a growth mindset and utilizing restorative practices. 
Generating meaningful ideas, self-reflection and feedback through student, family and staff voice. 
Communicating empathetically by first listening to understand by being open-minded, then seeking to be understood by being respectful. 
Establishing accountability by analyzing data, individual growth, and   personal experiences to set goals, measure progress and celebrate student successes. 
Infusing social emotional learning competencies through academic instruction and connecting to our personal journeys. 

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Our History: A Century of Excellence

Chevy Chase Elementary School has a rich history of education dating back to the late 1800s when a residence on Bradley Lane was first designated as Chevy Chase School.  The school building itself is one of a few historically designated properties among MCPS school facilities.  The first on-site structure was erected in 1917 with additional renovations and extensions completed over the years.  Most recently the building underwent an extensive renovation in 1999.  From its humble beginnings as a schoolhouse on Bradley Lane, CCES has grown into a leading MCPS school, incorporating innovative teaching methods and culturally-proficient, growth mindsets within its diverse community. Read more about CCES' historical beginnings.

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