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General Information

Typing computerWelcome to the CCES media center! Our collection includes over 8,000 print and non-print materials.  Come to the media center to find books or information for a class project or subject that interests you.  Students may use the media center with the permission of Mrs. Kieval and their teacher.  During recess times, students must have a pass to visit the center.

Students are permitted to borrow 2 to 3 books at a time for a 2-week period. Additional books can be borrowed for special classroom research projects or book reports. Students are responsible for materials that they use and check out. Fines are assessed for any lost or damaged materials. Overdue notices are sent home, via US Mail, at the end of each nine week marking period to students who have not returned books.

There is a flexible schedule for classes coming to the media center. Grade level teams plan with the media specialist so that classes will have sufficient time to research assigned classroom projects.

The Research Learning Hub is the center of our research program. Each of the 29 networked Dell computers in the media center is networked to the web and to the many resources available to all students at Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase staff works together to develop an extensive list of grade appropriate Internet resources for each grade level to use to support specific projects. Additionally, Montgomery County Public Schools purchases online subscription services to support our curriculum. We are always looking for new books, computer programs, videos, and magazines to enhance our collection. Suggestions are always welcome.

Black-Eyed Susan Book Award

blackeyedsusanThe Black-Eyed Susan Book Award honors outstanding books, chosen annually by Maryland students. Each year since 1992, the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award has been given in several categories. The purpose of this award is to promote literacy and lifelong reading habits by encouraging students to read quality, contemporary literature.

The books selected to be placed on lists for each category are expected to broaden the human experience and provide accurate, factual information. Committees of school library media specialists and other interested persons meet over the course of a year to determine which books will go on the lists; anyone is invited to suggest titles. Following are some of the criteria:

  • Books may be fiction or nonfiction.
  • Books must have a copyright date of the current year or one of the preceding three years and be listed in the current Books in Print.
  • Each title selected will have received positive reviews from appropriate professional journals.
  • Members of the committee will read and discuss the submitted books and choose the titles to be used in the program.

When the required number of books have been read, each student will cast one vote for the book he or she considers to be the most outstanding in each category. Votes from across the state are sent in to the Black-Eyed Susan committees and tallied to determine the winners.The winning authors and/or illustrators receive a pewter plate engraved with the year and the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award logo.Authors, illustrators and publishers recognize the award as an honor bestowed by Maryland students.

Meet the Media Staff  


 Kirklen Eileen Kirklen, Media Specialist

Kirchner, D.
Debbie Kirchner, Media Assistant