Awards & Recognition

Recognition can be a great motivator. CCES believes that it is important to recognize and celebrate the progress and accomplishments of students, staff and the school as a whole.

In the News Award-winning staff
  • Charles Bowling - 2008 Maryland Music Teacher of the Year
  • Diane Vincent- 2010 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award
  • Jennifer Rushin - 2009 Reed S. Snyder Memorial Teacher Excellence Award
  • Josephine Luster & Eunice Chu - 2012 Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education - Teacher as Leader Award
Award-winning school
  • 2012 Maryland Green School
  • 2009 Growing Native Seed Collection, 2nd place

WALL OF FAME. Photos highlight students who have applied their learning to an activity, contest, or special project beyond the school walls. Some examples are MCPS Honors Chorus and Orchestra members, the Geography Bee finalist, and participants in the National Student Leadership Conference. Photos of award-winning staff are also displayed in the Wall of Fame.

PROUD PRINCIPAL NOTES. Notes are written to students who have shown positive effort in accomplishing a goal. Students learn that hard work and effort can take them far in life and that not everything comes easily. This award is given for reaching a variety of goals such as, working hard to move up a reading level or earning a well-deserved grade in a challenging subject. The administration personally recognizes the student and their efforts with the “Proud Principal” postcard and a CCES pencil.

CAUGHT YOU BEING GOOD. This award recognizes students who exceed CCES behavioral expectations by thinking of others before themselves. These students perform random acts of kindness and “pay it forward!” A staff member completes a card with the explanation of the act of kindness. The administration shares the nominations on the morning announcements and presents a CCES pencil and certificate. The student’s picture and the staff nomination are displayed on a bulletin board in the main hallway.

STUDENT OF THE DAY. With 450 students at CCES, it is difficult to learn about each other on a more personal level. Several times a week, CCNN presents “Student of the Day” where individual children get an opportunity to share about their families, talents, hobbies, culture, experiences, religion, or ideas. They also have an opportunity to show a special artifact during the television appearance. Parents are invited to view this “on air” celebration in the television booth.

THE REDMOND GALLERY. Named after Patricia Redmond, CCES counselor for ___ years, this gallery displays candid shots of students taken during school-wide activities and provide observers with another way of seeing CCES students outside the classroom setting.

STUDENT WORK DISPLAYS. Student work is posted in the halls and classrooms on a regular basis. The work is based on specific mastery objectives for a content area. The posted work gives students an opportunity to share what they have learned within the curriculum and share their best effort with others.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Birthdays are always a special time for all of us, but especially for children. Each broadcast, CCNN wishes children a “Happy Birthday” on the roll-screen. Teachers have different ways to make the birthday student feel special: line leader, special seat, teacher’s helper, a prize from the treasure chest, lunch with the teacher and more. Students are recognized during lunch and are able to share a small treat with their homeroom lunch table on their special day.

SPECIALISTS’ AWARDS. Our school is very proud of educating the whole child. Our specialists are uniquely talented and share these qualities with the students each week. To recognize the students who show exceptional talent in art, music, computer technology, science, physical education, chorus and band, a special year-end assembly is held during the grade-level specials time.

HONOR ROLL. Students who earn straight A’s receive a Distinguished Honor certificate, and students who receive any combination of A’s and B’s receive an Honor Roll certificate. During the first and third quarter, students celebrate these achievements with their homeroom teacher and classmates. During the second and fourth quarter, students are honored at a grade level assembly with the administration and parents.

6th GRADE CLAP OUT. Our sixth graders are honored at a special promotion ceremony where students are recognized for their academic achievement from 4th – 6th grade. The President’s Award for Academic Achievement is a national award given to students whose 4th and 5th grade final average and the average of the first three quarters of 6th grade is either all A’s or combination of A’s and B’s. The gold is given for straight A’s and the silver is given for A and B final averages throughout a student’s school years. A special certificate and letter from the President of the United States is presented as well as a memory pin for a keepsake. Students entering 4th grade set a three year goal to reach this highest of honors at CCES.