Get to know your school counselor!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Anna Hetrick, and I have worked at Candlewood Elementary School since 2007.  I live with my husband, two boys, Thomas and Nicholas, and one big ol' Rottweiler named Luna!

I grew up in Olney, Maryland and currently live in Ijamsville.  I am proud to be an alumni of the University of Maryland (go Terps!), and I received my Master's degree in Education with a focus in School Counseling from Loyola College in Maryland.

My school counseling program follows the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) model, and I focus much of my effort on strengthening students' social and emotional intelligence.  I am thrilled to be the School Counselor at Candlewood and think it is the best job around!  I am here to support our students, parents and staff.

What's the School Counseling Program?

Schoolwide Programs

At Candlewood, being a Respectful and Responsible student is a top priority.  We use the "Have you Filled a Bucket" and "Stop and Think" terminology and programs to support student growth in this area. These programs allow our students to understand and practice the behaviors that are expected of them in all areas of social and academic settings.

Classroom Guidance

I visit each classroom once a month to facilitate discussions and activities about topics that include expressing feelings, managing conflicts, and developing perseverance.  Check back in monthly to see what the focus of the month will be in your student's grade level.

Individual and Small-Group Counseling

Short-term, individual and small-group counseling may cover topics such as grief, anger management, or conflict resolution. Referrals to the counseling office are initiated based on student, teacher, or parent concerns.  Any student involved in small-group or short-term individual counseling will need parental approval.

Family Resources