Technology Information

Online encyclopedia, newspaper, and magazine articles are available in Candlewood's virtual library. To access the usernames and passwords, click the following links: English VersionSpanish Version.

Please do not change your Central Office assigned MCPS passwords. It is very important that students keep the passwords assigned to them. If you need to know what that password should be, please contact Jeanette Marin, media specialist.  MCPS uses grade level-specific password requirements that allow us to ensure a balance of security and appropriate accessibility for a student’s age. Our practices are outlined in the MCPS Computer Systems Security Procedures document.

These passwords are used for many different applications and changing them makes it more difficult for students to access testing, and for teachers to help troubleshoot technology issues.  If you receive a security alert email notifying you that an unknown device has signed into your account, it does not mean your account has been hacked.  It is likely because a teacher or another staff member logged on to your child's account to test something or troubleshoot a technology issue.  If you receive a message like that and are concerned, please reach out to Jeanette Marin.  Please do not change your child's password.  Thank you!