Students in the Humanities House examine the fullness of human experience: the way human beings live, the way they connect and relate to each other, the way they express their experiences in story-telling and art. Teachers in the Humanities House challenge their students to become independent thinkers. Becoming an independent thinker means learning effective ways to ask good questions, gather evidence, think systematically, and express original ideas. Over the course of four years, Humanities students become skilled in research, critical thinking, analysis, argumentation, and communication through oral, written, and visual media. They engage in a rigorous study of literature, history, art, geography, government and politics, media arts, rhetoric, and composition, frequently making interdisciplinary connections among the subjects. The course of study in the humanities culminates in completion of the Senior Independent Project, where each student selects a humanities topic to explore in greater depth, conducts college-level research, composes a longer research argument, and presents the fruits of their research to faculty and peers.

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Daniel McKenna, Head of House, Humanities
Phone - 240.740.2382

Grade 9 
Katie Horan, Criticism in the Humanities
Terry Turner, Honors US History
Diane Van Yuga, Honors English
 Grade 10
Donna Gibson, Honors English
Jonathan Leong, AP Government
Daniel McKenna, AP Seminar
 Grade 11
Stephanie Gomer, AP English Language and Composition
Shannon Heaton, AP Art History
Mike Shannon, AP World History

 Grade 12
 Brian Matthews, AP English Literature
Andrew Ward, AP Human Geography



Senior AP Literature and AP Human Geography Project. Click on image to access links if you don't have a QR Scanner available.

smallsun Humanities Summer Reading Assignments


9th Grade Summer Assignment  Updated June 12, 2018


10th Grade Summer Assignment Updated June 13, 2018

11th Grade Summer Assignment  Updated June 12, 2018

12th Grade Summer Assignment for AP Research Updated 6/6/2018

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Students can choose from a range of courses in the Humanities House. The following courses must be successfully completed by students who tested into this program to earn a Tested In Humanities Certificate of Achievement. (Printable Version

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