Magnet Coordinator

Billie Bradshaw

Magnet Secretary 
Debbie Dresser

Phone: 301.972.7976
Fax: 301.972.7947

Global Ecology Head of House 
Erin Binns
Humanities Head of House
Daniel McKenna 
Independent Studies Program (ISP) Head of House
 Leslie Gum
Science, Math, Computer Science (SMCS) Head of House
Mark Curran
Office: 301.972.7928

PHS Magnet Program

Magnet Program Booklet- A Description of all the Magnet Houses at PHS


Upcoming Events





Magnet Information Night at PHS Auditorium, time to attend meeting based on applicants last name, if possible

 Oct 5, 2016 

Last Name:

A-M 5:00 pm
N-Z 7:00 pm

Magnet Application for Class of 2021

Application forms in languages other than English can be found HERE

Teacher Recommendations for private school students will be available by the end of October

Magnet Application Deadline Nov 4, 2016  
Magnet Test - See application to determine testing site Dec 3, 2016 report by 7:45 am
Magnet Test for Special Needs - All testing is at Richard Mont. High School Dec 4, 2016 report by 7:45 am
Magnet Test Snow Date (only if MCPS closes on 12/3/16) Dec 10, 2016 report by 7:45 am
Magnet Test for Special Needs Snow Date (only if MCPS closes on 12/4/16) Dec 11, 2016 report by 7:45 am
Notification to All Applicants of Selection Committees decisions  By mid Feb, 2017  


General Information

Videos of Magnet Activities and Projects:


Magnet Program Brochure

Program Information from MCPS office of Special Programs 

How to Sign up for Listserve

Academic Probation

College Acceptance List for the Class of 2016


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