Philosophy of Athletic Participation 




Edward J. Ross, Athletic Director 


At Poolesville High School, athletic activity participation serves to assist young people in their personal growth and development by reinforcing the valuable principles of sound leadership while promoting the importance of team work, reliability, loyalty, and dedication to achieving excellence.  As well, participation in athletic activity teaches the importance of goal achievement and sportsmanship traits that teach competitors the value of upholding humility in victory and determination in defeat. 

Although every competitive athlete and coach strives to be his or her very best, winning and losing become secondary issues when compared to the manner in which athletes and coaches conduct themselves on and off the field.  While exhibiting dignity and grace in the face of adversity, our athletes and coaches must remain aware of a greater purpose to be first, Ladies and Gentlemen; second, Scholars; and third, Competitors. 

In a much larger life perspective, scoreboard results become fleeting memories when compared to the lasting effect of an individual’s maximum effort toward a greater purpose.  While it is true that competitors do not always perform at the same level, it is their dedicated commitment to excellence and positive attitude that define the core of their winning character; and with hope, the benefit of athletic participation will prepare the individual for success in a world beyond the athletic activity itself. 

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  Varsity Baseball
  JV Baseball
  Boys Varsity Basketball
  Girls Varsity Basketball
  Girls JV Basketball
  Boys JV Basketball 
  Girls Varsity Cheerleading
  Girls JV Cheerleading  
  CoEd Varsity Cross Country
  Girls Varsity Field Hockey
  Girls JV Field Hockey
  Boys Varsity Football
  Boys JV Football
  Varsity Golf 
  CoEd Varsity Indoor Track
  Girls Varsity Lacrosse
  Boys Varsity Lacrosse
  Boys JV Lacrosse
  Girls JV Lacrosse
  Girls Varsity Poms
  Girls Varsity Soccer
  Boys Varsity Soccer
  Boys JV Soccer
  Girls JV Soccer
  Varsity Softball
  JV Softball
  CoEd Varsity Swim & Dive
  Boys Varsity Tennis
  Girls Varsity Tennis
  CoEd Varsity Track & Field
  Boys Varsity Volleyball
  CoEd Varsity Volleyball
  Girls Varsity Volleyball
  Girls JV Volleyball
  CoEd Weight Room
  Boys Varsity Wrestling
  Boys JV Wrestling


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