Student Assistance Program

The MCPS Student Assistance Program is a school-based intervention program under the auspices of the Montgomery County Public Schools Safe and Drug-Free Schools Project. The goal of the program is to identify and help adolescents whose behavior, attendance, or grades indicate that they may have problems that may be related to alcohol and/or other drug use or violence.  Through the different steps that comprise the Student Assistance process, parents of students referred to the team meet in a private setting.  There, selected team members share the concern about their child and data collected from Wootton staff to raise the parents' awareness of the problem and offer a free assessment by a treatment professional who works with the team.  This assessment seeks to rule out that alcohol and other drug use or violence may be the cause of the student's problems.

These at-risk adolescents are then directed to appropriate services, if warranted.  All information connected with the Student Assistance Program is highly confidential and never becomes part of any student records.  All inquiries about the program or individuals are held in strict confidence. 




Saving our children is a community issue; so let's figure out a community solution!

Here's what YOU can do to help:

  1. Contact the Wootton Assistance Team leaders Person A or Person B or Person C. , our principal, if you would like to get involved with our efforts to prevent inappropriate choices, suspect substance abuse or witness reckless behavior. Use our First Class e-mail addresses or Call (301) 279-xxxx
  2. Check out these web sites:  
  3. BE INFORMED: Know:
    • All of your child's friends
    • Your child's friend's parents-ALL of them!
    • What your child is doing-who, when-where they are; When you drop them off at the movies, are they cashing in the ticket to go do drugs on the parking lot?
    • A LOT-every day about what they are doing.
    • Be interested in your child in a respectful way, as the person s/he is and show they that you care enough to not be pushed away.
  5. TALK TO OTHER PARENTS and work with us to form a network of supporting adults.
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