WJHS National Board Certified Staff

National Board Certification was created so that educators, like professionals in other fields, can achieve distinction by demonstrating that they meet high standards. To achieve certification, candidates must complete a series of rigorous exercises that include the preparation of portfolios, analyses of student work, videotapes, and analyses of their work with students and of student learning. Candidates also complete a series of written assessments on their knowledge of their particular subject area and their understanding of how they use this knowledge to have the most positive impact on student learning and development.

To learn more about this professional credential, visit the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website at www.nbpts.org


Name Department Title Email Address
Cavallini, Maria Grazia Foreign Language Teacher maria.cavallini 7213
Delello, Fred Social Studies Teacher fred.delello 7274
Dubrow, Steve Foreign Language Teacher steve.dubrow 7213
Dunston, Kelly Art, Technology & Computers Teacher
Tech Ed/
kelly.dunston 7213
Edmunds, Jodi Counseling Services Director/Counselor jodi.edmunds 7129
Gelfand, Naomi Media Center Media Specialist naomi.gelfand 7227
Healey, Ty Social Studies Resource Teacher ty.healey 7274
McAndrew, Amanda Foreign Language Teacher amanda.mcandrew 7213
Miller, Steve Social Studies Teacher steve.miller 7274
Murray, Christopher Social Studies Teacher christopher.murray 7274
O'Connell, Erin Math Resource Teacher erin.oconnell 7231
Rodman, Tim Social Studies Teacher tim.rodman 7274
Schwartz, Nathan Social Studies Teacher nathan.schwartz 7274
Simmons, Kathy Social Studies Teacher kathy.simmons 7274


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