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Information session regarding the 2023-24 Magnet program

Admission Information


Information for the 2024-2025 school year test--coming soon

Learn about the Admission Process Transportation Information About TPMS Magnet Connecting with Other Families Preparing for the First Day


Transportation Information

If TPMS is not your local school, please look over the routes (See links below) and choose a stop that is most convenient for your family. Keep in mind that these routes operate on a central stop system. The stops are placed at central locations such as schools, libraries, and community centers. It is the student’s and family’s responsibility to get to the central stop. 

Links to Bus Routes:  (Note: 23-24 arrival routes are now published.)

Magnet Routes 

The Morning Routine

  1. Students board a bus at a convenient central stop.
  2. The bus makes a stop at Montgomery Blair HS and high school students get off. Middle school students remain on the bus.
  3. The bus continues on to Eastern MS.
  4. Takoma Park students board a shuttle bus which will take them to Takoma Park MS.


Morning Shuttles from Eastern MS to TPMS






Sweeper bus, leaves at 7:55AM



A few considerations…

  • The departure times are approximate. Weather, traffic, and student load will affect the actual departure times
  • One morning shuttle is designated as the “sweeper bus.” It should not normally need to transport any students. This bus is used only when a route arrives late at Eastern MS and there are students who need to get to Takoma Park MS. The sweeper bus will leave Eastern MS at 7:50 if necessary. If a route arrives after 7:50, the students should go to the main office of Eastern MS and call Takoma Park MS. We will arrange for them to get to Takoma Park MS.
  • If Eastern MS is your central stop, please be there by 7:35 to board a shuttle for Takoma Park MS.

The Afternoon Routine

  1. Takoma Park MS dismisses at 3:00 and students board shuttle buses that will take them to Blair HS. The magnet shuttles will park in the first 7 bus spaces as you exit Takoma Park MS. The shuttles depart at 3:07.
  2. At Blair HS, students find and board the route bus that will return them home. The buses depart Blair HS at 3:27.


Afternoon Shuttles from TPMS to Montgomery Blair HS


A few considerations…

  • Remember that local bus routes are NOT shuttles. These buses make stops in the neighborhoods surrounding TPMS, but will NOT continue on to Blair HS. They are parked at the end of the row of buses.
  • The route buses at Blair HS line up roughly in numbered order. The 1xxx buses are located towards the baseball field and the 6xxx are located closest to the door to the Blair HS cafeteria. The exception to this is bus 6999. This bus is the lead bus and is in the first space farthest away from the cafeteria.
  • Students must be prompt in leaving school at the end of the day. Don’t miss the shuttle to Blair! Unless you are planning to stay for the activity bus, this is not the time to see a teacher, buy a snack from the vending machine, or chat with a friend in the hallway.
  • Middle school students may not enter Blair HS. In the past, students have missed the bus because they were in the building when their bus pulled out.
  • Waiting for your bus at Blair HS is not a time to run around, clown around, or throw or kick any projectiles (including balls, stones, lunch bags, or snowballs).
  • Bus drivers are not permitted to stop for a student once the bus is rolling. Under no circumstances should a student run to catch a moving bus. If the bus is already moving, it will not stop for you even if you do catch up to it. Instead, the student should seek help from an adult. 
  • Students should keep their belongings with them while at Blair. Especially, do not put your backpack on a bus and then get off to talk to a friend. I have seen many backpacks take a bus ride as their owner misses the bus.


Easing Transportation Problems

  • Parents and students should have a back-up plan in case of a missed bus. The most important part of the back-up plan is that the parents, the student, and the back-up person know what the plan is so that anxiety may be reduced. Students should commit to memory parent work/cell phone numbers. 
  • Students and parents should know the route number of the bus they will ride. This is the number which is posted on the white label in the window of the bus (not the number painted in black on the side of the bus). Other valuable information to keep with you is the list of phone numbers of the bus depots (see the Bus FAQ).
  • If a student does not return home when expected, parents should call the appropriate bus depot. 
  • Students must abide by bus rules. In addition to the standard safety rules governing behavior on the bus, parents will help by reinforcing these rules:
  • Students should stay on the sidewalk of either Blair or Takoma Park when waiting for their bus. They should remain there until the bus stops, opens the doors, and other students have disembarked.
  • Parents should ensure that students know the safety rules pertaining to street crossings.
  • Students must remain seated while on the bus, and must refrain from putting hands, arms, or anything else out the windows of the bus. 


Transportation safety is critically important and a high priority for our school system. The golden rule is to exercise good judgment and common sense. Students who are not able to make good choices and jeopardize the safety of riders will be prohibited from riding MCPS buses.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Magnet Office at TPMS at 240-740-5242.

Learn about the Admission Process Transportation Information About TPMS Magnet Connecting with Other Families Preparing for the First Day

About the TPMS Magnet Program

The Math, Science, and Computer Science magnet program offers an accelerated and enriched curriculum in our three core subjects. Students who thrive in our program are those who love mathematics, problem solving, technology, and exploring how the world works. 

Magnet Students are enrolled in the following core courses and attend TPMS for the entire school day.


Magnet Courses:

  • Magnet Investigations into Mathematics

(A small number of students have already taken IM in grade 5. They will be scheduled for Magnet Algebra 1.)

  • Magnet Science 6
  • Magnet Computer Science 6


Other Courses:

  • Advanced English 6
  • Historical Inquiries into Global Humanities 6
  • Physical Education 6/Health 6 

Our Magnet Teaching Staff


  • Ann Conley (6th-AIM)
  • Kathy Saftner (7th -Algebra)
  • Messay Megnase (7th-Algebra)
  • Sarah Manchester (8th-Geometry and Alg 2)


  • Becca Epling (6th)
  • Rachel Palmaira (7th)
  • Jacob Chow (8th)


  • Gary Booker (6th)
  • Grayson Moses (7th)
  • Christina Fitch (8th)


Learn about the Admission Process Transportation Information About TPMS Magnet Connecting with Other Families Preparing for the First Day

Connecting with Other Families

The TPMS Magnet office privately provides a magnet directory solely for families who wish to participate.  It is sent via email and we ask that it not be shared.  If you would like to be included, and to receive, this year's directory, please submit your permission and information via this google form:


You can also meet other families and learn more about TPMS with two upcoming in-person events:


Learn about the Admission Process Transportation Information About TPMS Magnet Connecting with Other Families Preparing for the First Day

Preparing for the First Day

There are no "special" school supplies needed for the Magnet Program.  Please refer to the 2022-23 school supply list to see what items your child will need for their classes.

Summer Math Packets

If you have not yet completed your summer math work for your upcoming math class, please do so before the first day.  Click the links in the table below to download the packet for your upcoming grade level:

If you are going into ... Complete these packets.
6th Grade Magnet AIM

Review to prepare for Magnet Investigations into Mathematics

Answer key for review

Preview of content in Magnet Investigations into Mathematics

7th Grade Magnet Algebra

Letter from Ms. Saftner

Algebra Problems

8th Grade Magnet Geometry

Geometry Problem Set