TPMS Magnet Program

January 16 2023 Update

Hello Magnet Families!  I hope everyone is enjoying their day off from school on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King and taking time to reflect on the inequities that continue to exist in our country, how our institutions perpetuate them, and how each of us can play a role in calling out and countering racism. Next week will also be a four-day week as it is the last week of the semester.  Above, I share one of my favorite you-tubers--"Mind You Decisions".  He poses clever and engaging math puzzles to solve and then shows how to solve them.  Please share with your magnet student.  Scenes night, National History Day, Field trips; there are a lot of events happening in the next few weeks.  See below for details:


Did you know? 

With thanks to @Massimo


  • The Shannon number, named after Claude Shannon, is a conservative lower bound (not an estimate) of the game-tree complexity of chess of 10¹²⁰. After each player has moved 5 times there are 69,352,859,712,417 possible games that could have been played


  • You get a sunburn when the damage to the DNA of the cells cannot be repaired, your skin cells essentially "commit suicide" through a process called apoptosis to prevent turning into cancer cells [read more:


  • Fireflies produce “cold light”, their eggs glow, their glow comes from photic organs. These and more facts about fireflies here:
















Upcoming Events:

January 3:  School Resumes!

Schools are closed from Friday 12/23 through monday, January 2nd

January 5:  Screenwriting and Filmmaking class

Click here for details and consent form

January 12/13:  6th Grade MAP Math tests

January 18: National History Day

January 19th: Scenes Night

8th graders perform!

January 23 to 27: 6th Grade MAP Reading tests

January 25: Concert

January 26: Magnet Information Night

For future magnet students only. Not for current magnet students.

January 30 to Feb 3: 7th and 8th Grade MAP make-up tests

All 6th graders are required to take the MAP reading and Math tests to assess their transition to middle school. In the last week of January, students who scored below proficiency in the Fall MAP tests will be tested again to support their progress.

Feburary 10th: Staff/Student Basketball Game

See details at right 


Feburary 3rd: Medieval Times trip

All 7th graders will spend the da




Books and Basketball


Books and Basketball - Friday and Saturday, February 10-11, 2023

The PTSA is thrilled to be bringing back BOOKS AND BASKETBALL, a two-day community and fundraising event at TPMS combining a teachers vs. students basketball game on Friday with a book sale on Saturday. Come for the fun, stay for amazing books for your family!



  • Basketball Game will be Friday, 2/10 from 6:00-9:00 pm. There will be lots of fun activities, and pizza and other treats for sale. Tickets for the game will be $3.00 each with one adult per party getting free admission. Note that all students will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult due to security issues. :


  • Book Sale will be in the cafeteria on Friday during the game and on Saturday 2/11 from 10:00am-2:00pm. There will be a bake sale and fun activites for the kids.


  • Silent Auction as per a prior email from Jamie Iwugo, we are collecting items (Nats jerseys or tickets to shows) or services (massages, haircuts, etc) or gift cards or anything cool you think people might bid on (can be small or big). If you can line up any items by late January, please email Jamie: