Student Service Learning (SSL) Program


In July 1992, Maryland's State Board of Education mandated service-learning participation as a graduation requirement. Maryland was the first state to adopt this requirement. The state requires students to complete 75 hours of service in order to graduate. Students may start earning SSL hours as soon as they graduate from 5th grade. Each county has established its own rules for administering the program.

Montgomery County Public Schools’ SSL program 

Details of the MCPS SSL program can be found on the MCPS website at

The “frequently-asked questions” section of the website includes information on the activities that can qualify for SSL credit, as well as the activities that are not eligible. The website includes links to the forms required for pre-approval and verification of hours, and to the list of approved organizations and activities.

TPMS SSL Coordinator  

The TPMS Student Service Learning (SSL) Coordinator is Mrs. Debbie Sita.  She can be reached at 

You can also access all the information you need by joining the TPMS Canvas Classroom. To do this, go to the TPMS Canvas page, scroll to the bottom, and find the flag labeled Student Service Learning (SSL). Click it and follow the directions to join. 

Eligible Activities  

All service-learning activities must be secular in nature, occur in a public place, and be supervised by a nonprofit organization adult representative. Parents or relatives cannot serve as supervisors for their child or relative. 

Students can earn SSL credit in three ways: 

  • Full participation in the service learning-related activities and successful completion of specific middle and high school courses (6th grade science, 7th grade English, and 8th grade social studies). 
  • Participation in service-learning activities outside of the instructional school day promoted by school-sponsored clubs or organizations. 
  • Participation in approved organizations and opportunities outside of the instructional school day. Both the organization and the opportunity must be pre-approved (see the MCPS website to find preapproved organizations). 

Verification of SSL hours  

In order to receive credit for the service, students must turn in a completed activity verification form by specific deadlines established by MCPS. The form can be found in this agenda book, in the school’s counseling office, on the MCPS website and/or in Mrs. Sita's room. 

Submitting Forms and Deadlines 

SSL verification forms and requests for pre-approval should be placed in the basket in the main office.   

  • Turn in summer hours by 9/30/22. 
  • Turn in semester 1 hours by the first Friday in January (1/6/23). 
  • Turn in semester 2 hours by the first Friday in June (6/5/23).  
To qualify for the Superintendent's Award, hours must be turned in by Friday, March 30, 2023. 
Be sure to watch the instructional video for completing the SSL Verification form thoroughly and correctly (this can be found on the CANVAS SSL group).