TPMS Magnet Program

October 2 2022 Update

From rubics cubes and boardgames to cross-country sports and difference maker passion projects, afterschool activities are picking up steam.  Last week over 150 students stayed afterschool ---each day--to participate in open studio music groups, art open studios, student government, gender issues groups, horticulture,  math team tryouts, and more.  More groups are still being created including a youth media group and a fun and games group.  

Mindfullness Club

Is your magnet student feeling overwhelmed by the stress of school life?

Thursdays at lunch we have yoga in the parking lot

Fridays at lunch we have a mindfulness club. (Sign-ups all this week via a google form)

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 10/4: MAP-M Make-ups

Wednesday 10/5

No School

Thurs 10/06: MAP-R Make-ups


Afterschool Activities are picking up

Take a look at our Afterschool Activities Website and Catalog!
Sign-up instructions for each activity is in the catalogue

Click HERE to go to the afterschool activity site.