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Welcome to the Specialists' Page!

Mrs. Del Cid (Art)
Ms. Holly Brunetti (Art)
Mr. Jones (PE)
Coach Tucker (PE)
Ms. Fennington (Music)
Ms. Flores (Music)
Ms. Krohn (Instrumental Music)
Mrs. Dietmeier (Media Specialist)
Mrs. Willis (Media Assistant) 
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Art Program

Stonegate's Art Program is led by the talented Mrs. Maria Del Cid. Mrs. Del Cid believes every child should have the opportunity to explore the creative process through the use of Big Ideas. She is always thrilled to discover the many artistic talents of the Stonegate Sharks! Within her program, Mrs. Del Cid aims to expose students to many artists and design art projects that are connected to art history, culture, production, and much more!

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Music Program

Ms. Sydney Fennington leads both the general music and choral music program at Stonegate. Through her lessons students are exposed to the processes of creating, responding, and performing as it relates to various styles of music. She loves to see the Stonegate Sharks making these processes come to life!

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Physical Education Program

Mr. Clifton Frailey is the Physical Education teacher at Stonegate. He creates fun and engaging PE lessons while building strong, personal relationships with each Stonegate Shark. Additionally, Mr. Frailey serves as Stonegate's Safety Patrol sponsor. 

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Instrumental Music Program

Ms. Daniella Krohn leads the instrumental music program, consisting of band and string instruments, for all interested 4th and 5th grade students.

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School Library Media Program

Please visit the Media Center Page for more information.