What is ParentVue?

ParentVue is the parent portal to MCPS's Synergy Student Information System that is available in seven languages on the web or mobile device. It is a secure way to access information about attendance, classes, grades, report cards, online school enrollment, athletic registration, Synergy mail, a link to MyMCPSClassroom digital learning platform, and much more.

How do I access ParentVue?

How do I activate my ParentVue account?

  • Parents new to MCPS will create a ParentVue account during the enrollment process
  • Parents will be sent an activation letter by email or by US mail
  • Contact your child's school to obtain an activation letter if you did not receive one
  • Here are directions for activating your account

Translated ParentVue Activation Letter Guides: Spanish / Korean / French / Amharic / Vietnamese / Chinese / Portuguese

Why do I need a ParentVue account?

  • ParentVue is the primary communication tool for MCPS teachers and staff to communicate with parents about school and student information
  • It provides up to date information and announcements
  • ParentVue is available in seven languages

Do I need separate ParentVue accounts for each of my children?

No, you will only need one account to access information for all your children

What if I do not see all my children in one account?

Contact the school of the child you do not see

How do I see ParentVue in different languages?

In the bottom corner of the website or app look for a drop-down menu of different languages. Pick the language you desire...

What is the difference between ParentVue and MyMCPSClassroom?

  • ParentVue displays information about attendance, class schedule, grades, report cards, calendars, school information, and other information that is stored in the Synergy Student Information System
  • MyMCPSClassroom is the learning management system or digital learning platform. Parents can have an "observer" account where they can view instructional information and resources. Click here for more information.

How do I move past acknowledgements of report cards and other documents?

  • First click the document link and download the document
  • Then click Yes
  • If you click skip or no, then you will keep seeing these messages until you download and click yes

How do I change my ParentVue password?

On the ParentVue login screen, Click, forgot password.

How do I register my child for Middle School or High School Athletics?

The ParentVUE online registration portal, available in English and Spanish, incorporates all required paper forms and documents into an internet-based platform that can be accessed using a secure ParentVUE Portal login. Parents/guardians are also able to scan and upload their student's physical and proof of COVID-19 vaccination, as part of the registration process. Further information for parents/guardians can be found here in English or Spanish.

What is Annual Verification and how do I do this in ParentVue?

In the past, yellow emergency cards and a variety of other forms were sent home with students on the first day of school so that families could communicate updates about contact information, health, directory withholdings, emergency contacts, and more. This process will now take place in ParentVUE using Online Registration.

How do I sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences using ParentVue?


Where do I find the ParentVue Support Guide and other support guides?

ParentVue Quick Guides

English /  español  / 中文  / français / Português / 한국어 / tiếng Việt / አማርኛ