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Laminator Procedures:

Please do not laminate anything yourself. We are trying to prevent jams because laminate is expensive.  Ms. Brandao will complete all requests in the next two days.* Please use the following steps:

  1. Label you papers to laminate with your name.
  2. Bring to the Media Center Workroom and place on the counter next to the window facing the Media Center.
  3. Sign your name on the clipboard provided
  4. Expect your papers to be laminated two days later. They will be on the same counter.
*Ms. Brandao does no more than 30 minutes of laminating per day. Please allow extra days at the beginning of the year*


Poster maker Procedures: 

The poster maker requires a special template in Publisher. Please email Ms. Heller ( and she will send it to you as an attachment. Please use these steps:

  1. Use the Publisher template to create your poster
  2. Email Cary to get approval.
  3. Once approved, send the poster as an attachment to Ms. Heller
  4. Allow two days for processing.


Website Procedures: 

  1. Email your document or announcement to Cary for approval.
  2. Send the information with his approval to Ms. Heller
  3. Allow two days for processing.

Computer Lab Sign-Up:
Ms. Heller schedules all visits to Lab 023 and the Media Center. Please email her or stop by the Media Center to make reservations. View the calendars below:


MC Schedule



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