Parent Child Reunification Process 

If we are inside the building, parents will report to the main entrance lobby to verify parent/guardian status. Once parent/guardian status is verified, a student will be escorted to the main office for reunification with his/her parent/guardian. If students are evacuated outside of the building but still on site, all students will be on the athletic fields behind the school building. Parent/guardian status will be verified on the field at the top of the stairs,and students will be escorted to the reunification area.

If students are evacuated off campus, the off site location for reunification with parents/guardians is the Sligo Creek Park Office, Sligo Creek Parkway, Silver Spring, MD. 301-949-8010. Once the parent/guardian verification status is verified, the student will be escorted to the parent/guardian.

Emergency Preparedness  

Medidas de Seguridad Para Emergencias