Our goal at Silver Creek Middle School is to foster a school climate that promotes empathy, embraces diversity, and ensures all students feel a sense of belonging. In addition to giving consequences for bullying, harassment & intimidation behaviors aligned with the Student Code of Conduct, we also engage in restorative conversations in an effort to sustain anti-bullying behaviors. Consequences alone may not always address the root causes of bullying or help to repair the harm caused by these behaviors. By repairing harm and building relationships, restorative conversations can help prevent future incidents where all students can thrive.

If your child experiences any form of Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation, please inform Dr. Awkard, principal; your child's administrator, or counselor. You may also report Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation by using the following form below:

Ways to Report: 

You may also use the following Hate-Bias Reporting Form:

226-5.pdf (montgomeryschoolsmd.org)