Dear Parents and Guardians,

Vehicle exhaust contains pollutants that cause cancer, birth defects, asthma, low fertility, and other serious illnesses. Children are particularly vulnerable to these pollutants and the risk is even higher around a concentration of idling vehicles.

Therefore, Silver Creek Middle School has instituted a vehicle idling policy intended to keep students, staff, and families safer. We are asking all drivers to turn off their engines off while waiting for students, and any time they are parked for more than 10 seconds around school grounds.  We encourage you to reduce idling, not only at school, but anywhere you are parked for more than 10 seconds. This simple change will improve the air our children breathe and the air quality in our neighborhoods.

Please see our fact sheet that details ways you can start to reduce idling in your community. Please review the flyer with your family and take the pledge to be idle free at  

Thank you for your support!   

Pledge to be Idle Free! 


The Silver Creek Middle School Green Team