Family Outing to the U.S. Holocaust Museum

When: Sunday, June 4, 2023


Want to learn more information about the The U.S. Holocaust and how you can be an upstander to prevent hate?  Then visit the Holocaust musuem with your family on June 4, 2023.  This activity is sponsored by PTSA and tickets for entry will be given at the door of the museum from 2:15-2:30 pm.  

Families are responsible for coordinating their own transportation to the museum. A limited number of metro cards are available for families needing financial assistance for transportation to the museum. Please contact Kimberly Clarkson (clarksonptsa@gmail.com) for more information.

All children attending must be accompanied by an adult who is personally responsible for them. There are no designated chaperones for this trip, it is facilitated, but not supervised by the PTSA.  The museum indicates on its website it is appropriate for children 11 and up, however each family should make the decision that is most appropriate for their family.

Please indicate your interest on this Sign Up Genius. It will be open untill all 75 slots are filled.