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Summer Math Resources 

CHS Summer Math Flyer

Summer vacation is almost here and the start of the new school year is just around the corner. We want you to be prepared for the upcoming school year. It is important that you have a smooth transition to your new math class at the beginning of the school year. With this in mind, we are providing a list of online resources which you can use to review previously taught skills over the summer. We suggest that students spend 1-2 hours per week working on their math skills throughout the summer.

A copy of this document will be posted on the CHS website for easier online navigation.

Resource for all students  
Individualized help based on your MAP-M score from Khan academy. This link will direct you to a page which will ask you for your MAP-M test score in the four performance areas. Your math teacher can provide you with this information.

Resources for students preparing for Algebra 1

Resources for students preparing for Geometry and Algebra 2  

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2019 Summer Reading: Books. BINGOS. Burritos!

CHS Summer Reading Flyer

All Clarksburg High School students are invited to participate in the CHS 2019 Summer Reading Challenge to win a free Chipotle burrito and are REQUIRED to complete and reflect on two summer reading tasks for a grade. Watch the video and read below for more details.

Link to video:

Link to doc:

Challenge Rules: As you complete a task fill in the title(s) and the date you completed it in each box. Fill in a column, row, or diagonal to get your Summer Reading BINGO! When you return from Summer Break bring your BINGO board to the Media Center for a Buy-One-Get-One Free Burrito coupon for Chipotle. Be prepared to prove that you completed the tasks (with pictures, GoodReads reviews, social media posts #ClarksburgReads, brief oral summaries of the books you read, etc.). Coupons expire October 30, 2019.

Required for all Honors English 9-12 Students: Write a brief paragraph (200 words) for TWO DIFFERENT TASKS you complete. For each task reflect on the experience and what you learned. Paragraphs must be your OWN writing and ideas. Reflection paragraphs will be collected for a grade the first Friday of the school year.
Suggested guidelines for your reflections: ★What surprised or challenged you during your experience? ★Would you recommend this experience to a friend or relative? Why or why not? ★Make connections between the task and events in real life, the news, or other texts and movies. ★Discuss what you read or learned with someone else. Then write about what you talked about, interesting ideas that came up, etc. ★Create your own prompt and respond.

Special Note: The CHS Media Center will be open for book check-out on Wednesday, July 24th from 8am – 2:30pm.

Questions? Contact (Media Specialist) or (English Resource Teacher)

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