SSL Information

SSL Deadlines

  • Service completed during the summer – recommended by the last Friday in September
  • Service completed during the summer and 1st semester – recommended by the first Friday in January
  • Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester to be recognized for the Superintendent’s SSL Award – recommended by the first Friday in April
  • Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester – REQUIRED by the first Friday in June  

Summer SSL Pre-Approval Requests

If you are looking to get pre-approval for service over the summer, follow the steps listed below:

myMCPS Portal: SSL Hours Now Available

MCPS students must complete a certain number of Student Service Learning (SSL) hours for graduation. To help students and their families monitor the number of hours they have earned as compared to the requirement, upgrades to the Grade History report in the myMCPS Portal (in Chrome) have been made to include SSL hours information. Students and parents can view this information by selecting Grade History from the navigation menu. SSL information will be displayed at the top of the report.

SSL Opportunities

  • Summer of Service Inclusion Community Service Camp 2019
  • 31st Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup (April, 2019)
  • The Choose Respect Conference will be held from 12:30 – 4 PM on Sunday, April 7 at Richard Montgomery High School. Students will earn 4 SSL hours for training and student advocacy. Students can register online for free at:  
  • Grade 6-11 students are eligible to volunteer with the summer Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) programs where they support teaching and learning in the elementary school summer program. The experience is 6.5 hours a day for an entire month and this is a very competitive program, especially for some school locations. These opportunities are posted on the MCVC webpage and will “go live” during the morning of April 1. These spaces are available to students on a first come, first serve basis.

    Your help is needed! Students must register for the opportunity on the MCVC website ( and submit 3 mandatory, fully completed forms (all at one time). Students can submit these in either of 2 ways:
    Option A: Submit to you to pony to Dr. Jonathan Ferrari, Rocking Horse Road Center, Room 204) OR
    Option B: Scan and send directly to Dr. Jonathan Ferrari at

    Attached is a packet of information and forms for this program for your review and you will know what the forms look like. This packet is also attached to the ELO opportunity so students will get them directly from the MCVC opportunity webpage.

MCPS SSL Guidelines

  • The Girl Scout Council Of The Nation's Capital  and The Boy Scouts Of America, National Capital Area Council are MCPS SSL approved organizations as indicated on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website:
  • MCPS students may earn SSL hours for the approved activities that are listed in this organization’s profile in the “SSL Not Recruiting” section at the bottom of the page. Only service activities that benefit the greater community are eligible for SSL hours. Any troop activities that exclusively benefits a troop (such as den/troop meetings, recognition events, team building activities, or supporting other local troops) are not eligible for SSL hours.

Wilson Wims ES SSL Opportunities

Wilson Wims ES uses a lot of SSL kids for their events! Sign up if you are interested in volunteering at their events using the link provided:!ssl-sign-up/lnz66

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