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Rocky Hill MS Information

RHMS PTA Information

MCPS County Information

Counselors – 301-601-3190

Resource Counselor: Ms. Isha Gupta
Ms. Yi: Grade 
Ms. Wiltshire: Grade 
Ms. Gupta: Grade 
Ms. Arcé: Grade   

Counseling Secretary, Ms. Karen Kiernan (Ext. 1013)

A counselor has been assigned to each grade level this year. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child during the school year, please contact the counselor for your child. 

IMPORTANT DATES 2018-2019 (updated 6/28/18)

  • Monday, Aug. 26-Friday, Aug. 30-Professional Day for Teachers
  • TBD-6th Gr Orientation (in AM-details to follow)
  • Thursday, Aug. 29-Wildcat Welcome 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Monday, Sept. 2-No School-Labor Day Holiday
  • Tuesday, Sept. 3-First Day of School for Students
  • Thursday, Sept. 12-Back to School Night (7-9 PM)
  • Monday, Sept. 30-No School for Students
  • Friday, Oct. 4-Early Release Day
  • Monday, Oct. 7-Open House
  • Wednesday, Oct. 9-No School for Students
  • Wednesday, Nov. 8-Early Release Day
  • Monday, Nov. 11-Early Release Day
  • Tuesday, Nov. 12-Early Release Day
  • Wednesday, Nov. 27-Early Release Day
  • Thursday, Nov. 28 & Friday, Nov. 29-Holiday*-Thanksgiving-Schools Closed
  • Monday, Dec. 23-Wednesday, Jan. 1-Winter Break-Schools Closed
  • Monday, Jan. 20-No School-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Friday, Jan. 24-Early Release Day
  • Monday, Jan. 27-No School for Students
  • Monday, Feb. 17-No School-Presidents' Day
  • Friday, Feb. 28-Early Release Day
  • Friday, March 27-Early Release Day
  • Monday, April 6-Monday, April 13-No School (Spring Break)
  • Tuesday, April 28-No School for Students
  • Monday, May 25-Schools Closed-Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, June 5-No School for Students
  • Monday, June 15-Last day of school for students
  • Tuesday, June 16-Professional Day for Teachers


It is strongly recommended that all Rocky Hill students have an assignment book. They will be available for purchase at the Wildcat Welcome and during the year from the team leader or the financial assistant.

6th Grade Supplies

  • 2" or 3" 3 ring binder with 10 dividers-it is suggested that students do NOT use multiple binders.
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencils (#2)
  • Pens (blue or black and red)
  • Pencil pouch
  • Highlighters – (2 colors)
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (wide or college ruled)
  • single subject spiral notebooks
  • Protractor for home use
  • Calculator-see below for specifics

7th & 8th Grade Supplies

  • 3 ring binder or equivalent-Students may use either a large binder with divided sections for each class or they may use smaller individual binders for each class
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencils (#2)
  • Pens (blue or black and red)
  • Pencil pouch (recommended)
  • Highlighter
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (wide or college ruled)
  • Protractor (for home use)
  • Calculator
  • Compass
  • Black and White Composition Notebook for Spanish 1A (Not Spiral)

PE Clothing: Gray or white t-shirt, navy blue or black shorts, navy blue or black sweat pants. PE uniforms can be purchased (PE Uniform Clothing Sizes and Pricing Order Form [Updated 9/4/18]) at school during Wildcat Welcome.


Calculators for C2.0 Math 6, C2.0 Math 7, and C2.0 Math 8

We strongly recommend that students have a scientific calculator that can perform all operations with fractions. Examples of calculators that perform fraction operations are the Texas Instruments TI-30Xa, TI-30X IIs, and the TI-34 II.
Students in IM and C2.0 Math 8 must also have calculators that perform these options. It is recommended that if a student is enrolled in C2.0 IM that they consider investing in a graphing calculator in preparation for Algebra 1 (see below).

Calculators for C2.0 Algebra 1 and C2.0 Honors Geometry (highly recommended for C2.0 IM)  
(highly recommended for IM)

Students in these classes should have a graphing calculator of their own. Recommended calculators are the Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 or the TI-84 Plus. These will not be supplied for students during class.

Graphing calculators are necessary for the student to demonstrate mastery of the mathematics curriculum, beginning with Algebra 1. A graphing calculator is not needed before Algebra 1. Students are encouraged to buy their own graphing calculators to use during Algebra 1 and subsequent math courses. If you are unable to purchase one for your child, the school will have some available for students to borrow. A deposit will be required and students who borrow a graphing calculator will be given a financial obligation if the calculator is lost or damaged (the obligation will be for the amount not covered by the deposit).

Helpful Tips for Incoming 6th Graders


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