Staff Directory print

Principal 240-740-3330

Mr. Stephen Reck

Acting Principal

Assistant Principal 240-740-3330

Mr. Andrew P Glaspie

Acting Assistant Principal (6th and 7th Grade)

Mrs. Monica G Kellner

Assistant Principal, (6th and 8th Grade)

Main Office 240-740-3330

Ms. Krystal S Greenwood

Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Esmeralda C Cruz (Esmiie)

Attendance Secretary I, 10 MO

Ms. Maria M Villegas

Main Office Secretary I/II, 10 MO

Mrs. Feri Jahanmir

School Secretary I, 10 MO

School Psychologist 240-740-3384

Mrs. Maria N Hemnani

School Psychologist

Staff Development 240-740-3347

Mr. Aaron L Schwartz

Teacher Staff Development

Building Services 240-740-3333

Ms. Michelle A Amaya-Mendez

Building Service Manager III

Ms. Marcela Bermudez

Building Srv. Asst. Manager II SH 2

Mr. Fidel Gutierrez

Building Service Worker SH1

Mrs. Amanda Olivares

Building Service Worker SH 2

Mr. Fei Zhao

Building Service Worker, SH 2

Mrs. Akossiwa Avokpo

Building Service Worker, SH1

Mrs. Betty Gorena

Building Service Worker SH 2

Mr. Alvin J Melo

Bldg. Srvc. Worker, ICB

Counseling 240-740-3350

Mrs. Marissa N McLaughlin

Resource Counselor/7th Grade Counselor (A-H)

Mrs. Gianna R Tober

Counseling Secretary/Registrar

Mrs. Kellie J Graham

6th Grade Counselor

Mr. Steffen Clarke-Jones

8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Chrisshon W Porter

Counselor Secondary

Mrs. Monica L Valencia

EML Therapeutic Counselor

Food Services 240-740-3334

Mr. Terrence Grimes

Cafeteria Mgr IV, 10 MO

Mrs. Mei-Chu Chen

Cafeteria Worker I 10 MO

Ms. Fatema Jahan

Cafeteria Worker I 10 MO

Mrs. Nyoman Sukerti

Cafeteria Worker I, 10 MO

Mrs. Min Yang

Cafeteria Worker I, 10 MO

School Financial Specialist 240-740-3341

Mr. Albert Sisco (Al)

Fiscal Specialist

Security 240-740-3330

Mr. Bruce Fullenlove

Security Assistant 10 mo

Art 240-740-3330

Mrs. Jessica M Snyder

Art Teacher

Computer/Technology 240-740-3330

Mrs. Shelby L Umetsu

Digital Arts Teacher

English/Reading 240-740-3330

Mr. Ryan E Summers

English/Lang. Arts Content Specialist (AEIST)

Mrs. Susan G Sivak

English Teacher

Mrs. Eunju Moon (April)

English & Developmental Reading

Ms. Monika E Barman

Digital Literacy/Developmental Reading Teacher

Ms. Jennifer L Clark

Reading Teacher

Mr. Rodolfo D Pineda

English Teacher

Mrs. Kirsten M Schultz

English Teacher

Mrs. Shannon Stoughton

ELD Teacher

Mrs. Alison D Wade

Digital Literacy/Dev. Reading Teacher

ESOL 240-740-3330

Mrs. Anna Amos

ESOL Teacher

Ms. Wanda Luciano

ESOL Teacher

IT Systems Specialist 240-740-3343

Mrs. Sharon H Vaughn

IT System Specialist

Health Room 240-740-3332

Ms. Cynthia A Thomas

Health Tech

Long Term Substitute 240-740-3330

Mr. Thomas R Dodelin (Thomas)

Permanent Long-Term Substitute

Mathematics 240-740-3330

Mrs. Ginger L DeStefano

Math Content Specialist (AEIST)

Mr. Steven Asbacher (Steve)

Math Teacher/Athletic Coordinator

Mrs. Katherine C Dillow (Katie)

Math Teacher

Ms. Adriana Marques

Math Teacher/7th Grade Co-Team Leader

Mrs. Amy C McDonald

Math Teacher/7th Grade Co-Team Leader

Mr. Douglas W Parker

Math Teacher

Mathematics 240-740-3330

Mr. Jason J Szymkowiak

Math Teacher

Media Center 240-740-3330

Ms. Elisabeth A Portocarrero

Media Specialist

Mrs. Yuching P Su (Phoebe)

Media Assistant, 10 MO

Music 240-740-3330

Ms. Katelyn M Chiles

Choral Teacher

Mr. Nicholas J Proszkow

Instrumental Music Teacher

Physical Education 240-740-3330

Mr. Jason B Oliver

PE/Health/Arts Content Specialist

Mr. Edward A Hernandez

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Tara B O'Connell

PE/Health Teacher

Mr. Keith J Obendorfer

Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Nancy B Somers

Theater/Health Teacher

Pupil Personnel Worker 240-740-3375

Mr. David E Earley (Dave)

Pupil Personnel Worker

Science 240-740-3330

Ms. Anne M Merrell

Science Content Specialist

Mr. James R Baker

Science Teacher

Ms. Deborah M Hines (Debbie)

Science Teacher/8th Grade Co-Team Leader

Mrs. Emiko K Markey (Emi)

Science Teacher/6th Grade Co-Team Leader

Mrs. Michelle B Stanton

Science Teacher

Mrs. Andrea L Tao

Science Teacher

Mrs. Barbara A Vaughn

Science Teacher

Social Studies 240-740-3330

Ms. Jodi A Braz

Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Daniel M D'Amico (Dan)

Social Studies Teacher/8th Co-Grade Team Leader

Mr. David J Dimarco

Social Studies Content Specialist

Mrs. Qi Lan


Mrs. Julie H Malone

Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Taylor B Pack

Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Alex Shinsky

Social Studies Teacher/6th Grade Co-Team Leader

Special Education 240-740-3350

Ms. Courtney E Fike

Special Education Resource Teacher

Mrs. Miranda J Taylor

Teacher, Special Education

Mrs. Crystal K Willis

Asperger's Teacher

Mrs. Susan Barton


Ms. Erika Crampton

Teacher Special Education

Ms. Lauren M Ferguson

Special Education Teacher

Dr. Karen P Friedman


Mrs. Susan G Hansen

Asperger's Teacher

Mrs. Stacy E Kravitz

Asperger's Paraeducator

Mr. Michael Lynn


Mrs. Risa L Robinson

Asperger's Paraeducator

Mrs. Roslyn I Winberg


Mrs. Nadia E Zahime

Special Education Paraeducator (Itinerate)

ARS 240-740-3330

Mr. Alonso Carrasco

ARS Paraeducator

Mrs. Afsaneh S Clark

ARS Paraeducator

Mr. Thomas L Dawson, IV

ARS Paraeducator

Mrs. Jill L DeSanto

ARS Teacher

Ms. Sarah Fultz

ARS Teacher

Ms. Qin Guo

ARS Paraeducator

Ms. Shih-Yun Lin (Grace)

ARS Paraeducator

Ms. Erica M Morris

ARS Paraeducator, Itinerant

Ms. Eileen S Romero

ARS Paraeducator

Ms. Jocelyn J Salas

ARS Teacher

Speech 240-740-3330

Ms. Sara E Levine

Speech Pathologist

World Languages 240-740-3330

Mrs. Megan R Meszaros

World Languages Content Specialist

Ms. Valeria Medina

World Languages Teacher

Mrs. Andrea C Weston

Spanish Teacher